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  1. ShcShc11

    Anyone have expierience with these?

    Anyone else have experiences with this? Thanks.
  2. ShcShc11

    Michael Schumacher In Critical Condition

    Sad! Its funny to see these comments though: "You should never ski period, its stupid, risky and cause of many deaths and annual head injuries" "Skiing and driving a car are two totally different things. Driving a car is a necessary risk. Riding on skis isn't." "I'm not stopping anybody from skiing. I just choose to not take that risk. Thats all. Comparing skiing to driving a car is ridiculous because unless you want to take 3 days to travel across town, you need a car. However, you don't need to ski to accomplish anything. Unless of course you live at one of the poles and need ski's so your dogs can pull you around. But why not just get a snowmobile?"
  3. ShcShc11

    Beginner's Canopy

    It's one thing to suggest the search button And then ... looks like you had a pretty bad week Cheers!
  4. ShcShc11

    Beginner's Canopy

    hahaha. Exactly my thoughts as well
  5. ShcShc11

    Biggest Wingsuit Stunt Ever!

    And the stunt is for the greater of ALL humanity!!
  6. ShcShc11

    First solo after AFF

    By the time you get to solo/level 7, you'l probably have gotten ''used'' to the environment and you'l know what you are capable of. Psychologically speaking, you'l have some doubts, but I found it easier to handle it than level 1-2-3 (when everything was incredibly new). + You don't have any pressure to do random tricks to pass the level so you'l probably also feel pretty relaxed. Take it one level at a time :)
  7. ShcShc11

    Short Term Skydivers

    Very true. It's a 2 hour drive to my DZ with tolls and traffic (Even on the weekends). I enjoy the people there and have a great time whether I jump or not. BUT, chores need to be done, bills need to get paid, stuff around the house needs to be fixed. Sometimes free time just disappears. The $$ in your wallet disappears too
  8. Yeah but skydiving WHILE playing ping pong is off the charts! hahaha. loved this post.
  9. ShcShc11

    The Burrito Bomber! I wonder if they deliver across the border.
  10. ShcShc11

    One up on Jeb?????

    Polli's next stunt: Having his whole body hit a rock and surviving.
  11. ShcShc11

    Why do you skydive? Video explains pretty decently. Cheers! Shc
  12. Exactly this. Its what makes skydiving addictive :)
  13. ShcShc11

    "Blackhawk Down" and Skydiving

    hahaha, great find!
  14. Was it the leg-straps that made him unconscious?