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  1. ShcShc11

    Jan 15 PD Price increase?

    why not just get it used?
  2. Look to your left, look to your right. One of your aren't going to make it tonight
  3. ShcShc11

    2012 World Parachute Championships in Dubai

    What happened to the youtube video? They were really good :/
  4. ShcShc11

    Favorite Skydiving Youtube

    Check EnglishJohn's videos. They are always really good. Cheers! Shc
  5. What . a . dick. (and when you see him you can tell him I said that) I bet he'd crap himself if he had a real mal. WTF goes on inside peoples heads?. haha yeah. It was probably a dick move of him. It was still a super memorable/fun jump though. Back then, I was a naive jumper and my first thought was: "oh whatever, at least the parachute opened! as long there's something over our heads and there's a few lines attached, we SHOULD be fine" When you're a tandem passenger, you're #1 concern will always be: "I hope there won't be a double-total malfunction" Cheers! Shc
  6. Did the tandem last summer... there was the freefall then the tandem master opened the 'chute: once it opened, he went: "HOLY SHITTT, 4 PARACHUTE LINES BROKEN!!!" Scary b/c he seemed really genuine when he yelled it out. Cheers! Shc
  7. Thank you for the post. Would help people like me in the future
  8. ShcShc11

    Parachutisme Adrenaline

    Definite 5 stars for Parachutisme Adrenaline. Really helpful and enjoyable people. Definite recommend for anyone looking for a tandem or AFF. Two particular staff I would like to thank: Jean-Nic, very likeable, has a good balance as a coach between the tough coach "you screwed up, you need to improve this now!" and the nice coach "Good job in your jump! Here's a free pizza". Etienne, somewhat melo. Maybe a bit too melo. Great staff. Helped me in the tunnels, makes skydiving seem like the most natural thing. 5 stars in everything.