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  1. jgoose71

    The Jumping Place

    I just returned from Iraq and I needed to get requalified. My local dropzone had just closed and my back up dropzone was booked with tandums. I turned to dropzone.com and found the Jumping Place and boy did I luck out!!! Cathy runs the place and boy does she love skydiving! From running the place to flying the plane, to jumping and packing, she does it all. Her number one goal is to make sure that everyone is in the air and having a good time. The AFF instructor who got me going, was very intrested in my safety. He made sure I was completely familiar with the dropzone and the surrounding areas before I went up. After my ground training I was grilled like it was the Spanish Inquisition to make sure I was going to be safe in the air. The view of the area is great. They are right next to the atlantic ocean. The landing area is big and open. You would actually have to try to miss it. After I was re-certified, I had no problems finding someone to jump with. The fun jumpers were looking for new people and always up for something. The only fault with the dropzone (other than I have to drive 3 1/2 hours to get to it) is the aircraft. Right now they only have a C-182. They want to get a turbine aircraft, but they need to get more jumpers to support a larger plain. Once the word gets out on what a great place this is, I'm sure it will happen. They are all about taking care of the people who come there to jump. Blue Skys, Jim