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  1. The word you are looking for is audible not acoustic
  2. Removable sliders are usually smaller than a normal one for the same size canopy. A full rds uses the dbag and pc to match the drag of the normal slider.
  3. It will open faster with just the removable slider. Full rds adds enough drag to match the regular slider.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marsha.karpinen Yep. Marsha out of Minnesota/Wisconsin area. Hawk suits.
  5. Hey Mike DQ here from Spaceland Houston. I run the tandem department here and would love to take your family on a jump. All of our instructors are qualified and should take care of them. Cya soon and feel free to send a message if needed. DQ@skydivespaceland.com
  6. Camera on student, not telling the student to arch while dealing with line twist and improper emergency procedures while pulling handles or handle in this case. If it smells like a Lodi and it sounds like a Lodi. It must be a Lodi. Lol
  7. Definitely not faster than a katana. It does carry farther distance. And now they want to be known as Icarus world lol.
  8. That’s what I was thinking. I have never laughed so hard at an idea. And your’re not a inventor. You’re a bad idea guy.
  9. Do it. I know nothing about you, or even met you. No info in your profile and no info in your post? Also you are asking about some euro rip off canopy so what does that tell ya! Go ask someone at your dz
  10. Spaceland Houston is flooded over. Everything but the building and trailer park is flooded. No damage from the wind. But it's not over yet, more rain to come.
  11. He said contact a qualified coach not take a course.
  12. Is it really that hard for you guys to stand on a scale with gear on and then use the calculator on your phone?
  13. Jebs rig was from mirage not VSE.
  14. Misleading title. I was hoping it was some kid in Mexico