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  1. Maybe China? Just throwing it out there. Seems like the only superpower that has the funds and lift capabilities.
  2. Like he flew Downwind of himself? Wait what??? Lol
  3. I do all the time. I jump a full rds in street clothes and down the shirt is the best spot. Give me a name and photo of said girl that you claim this is. Lol
  4. That’s a dude with his rds stashed down his shirt lol what kind of boobs do you look at normally lol. it’s turbulence or a dust devil.
  5. Please explain yourself? Watch close he transferred to toggles.
  6. What video did you watch? He was on toggles already. Looks like turbulence or dust devil. there is a tree line and trailers not to far off to that side of the pond.
  7. Damn where do they pay $120 for a recurrency jumps?
  8. Let’s see how these “real drop zones” fare after this shutdown with no tandems to build business back. And it’s not about tandems and students being to close, it’s about everyone being too close. How are these “real dz’s” gonna send fun jumpers with the 6feet between people recommendation? 5 people on a caravan is still to close.
  9. Move to Dubai and start blowing fake royalty and say fuck women’s rights and accept slave labor as the norm and all your dreams will come true. And yes I’m jealous of the few that will ever get to fly that thing.
  10. Removable sliders are usually smaller than a normal one for the same size canopy. A full rds uses the dbag and pc to match the drag of the normal slider.
  11. It will open faster with just the removable slider. Full rds adds enough drag to match the regular slider.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marsha.karpinen Yep. Marsha out of Minnesota/Wisconsin area. Hawk suits.
  13. Hey Mike DQ here from Spaceland Houston. I run the tandem department here and would love to take your family on a jump. All of our instructors are qualified and should take care of them. Cya soon and feel free to send a message if needed. [email protected]