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    Good DZ for my brother

    Hey Mike DQ here from Spaceland Houston. I run the tandem department here and would love to take your family on a jump. All of our instructors are qualified and should take care of them. Cya soon and feel free to send a message if needed. DQ@skydivespaceland.com
  2. Camera on student, not telling the student to arch while dealing with line twist and improper emergency procedures while pulling handles or handle in this case. If it smells like a Lodi and it sounds like a Lodi. It must be a Lodi. Lol
  3. Definitely not faster than a katana. It does carry farther distance. And now they want to be known as Icarus world lol.
  4. dqpacker

    Skylark odyssey

    Do it. I know nothing about you, or even met you. No info in your profile and no info in your post? Also you are asking about some euro rip off canopy so what does that tell ya! Go ask someone at your dz
  5. dqpacker

    Valkyrie pics

    First my info. 2000 solo canopy flights. Coming from a Velocity 96 loaded at 2.7, haven't jumped any other xbraced canopies besides a 103 velocity, 90% of my skydives have been focused on swooping or high performance canopy flight. Not sponsored and I don't compete. Now on a Valkyrie 96. I only made 2 jumps on mine because the weather has been shit but it was awesome. Openings were better than a velocity. Tons of range and power. Can't wait to fly it more and fly it harder. https://vimeo.com/120315122
  6. dqpacker

    Skydiving in Minneapolis?

    1. mid april to end of october is the season for STC but Chip Falls jumps all year out of 182s. 2. This last couple years the fun jumper numbers have been going up with a strong freefly and angle scene growing and as always a strong belly rw group. they have one of Spacelands super fast caravans and you won't get bumped for tandems. STC also has a huge trailer park that is full fun jumpers every weekend rain or shine. 3. as i said above ChipFalls in wisconsin jumps all year when their runway is good to fly on, grass strip. folks also go up to Soup but weather up there can be iffy with the big lake but awesome views.
  7. dqpacker

    Swoopy summer

    This is a repost of your own post, guessing of your own video. I'll give you the credit for it being some amazing flying but it's not skydiving and a repost.
  8. dqpacker

    DZs with ponds

    Skydive Pink Klatovy / CZ Skydive Z-Hills / Florida USA Skydive The Farm / Georgia USA Skydive Lillo / Spain Skydive Pullout / Italy Skydive Spaceland TX The Ranch NY CrossKeys NJ Skydive Paraclete XP (Raeford) Skydive New England Skydive Chicago I heard a rumor that Deland was building one. Anyone?
  9. dqpacker

    Jedei canopies?

    Airlock canopy from the 90's. More advanced canopy then the Pilot. Have fun on windy days with the airlocks.
  10. dqpacker

    Another copycat design from PD.

    option 4- this poll is dumb jump what you want
  11. dqpacker

    Carpooling to Skydive Wissota

    you could save gas money and drive a quarter the distance to Skydive Twin Cities.
  12. dqpacker

    Neos vs Velocity

    if you flew a velo, you are going to think the neos is shit.
  13. dqpacker

    how do you stow your rds lanyard

    with full rds you will always get some line burn. i'm guessing it's on your center cell top skin near the tail?
  14. dqpacker

    Kitesurfer seeking skydivers advice

    in the skydiving world we don't use anything like that but in base jumping for static line jumps break cord is used. it's 80 pound break cord.
  15. second repost. lock it down
  16. dqpacker

    Which suit to get as beginner?

    any tunnel suit will be fine in the sky, not all sky suits are good for the tunnel.
  17. dqpacker

    Atmo vs Angle ???

    you answered your own question.
  18. dqpacker

    Terminal Petra opening video

    with fat lines like those any canopy will open nice.
  19. dqpacker

    Guess this old time DZ

  20. dqpacker

    CRCPL, Inside the League VIDEO

    not enough swooping and too much rob wallace.
  21. dqpacker

    Ok So... Atmonauti?

    they should.
  22. dqpacker

    So I want to swoop...

    best troll ever or the next sangi?
  23. man running a dz must be tuff. lol btw anyone know where i can make a sunset jump in MN?