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  1. Hi DQ, thank you for your response. Email and message left for you. Have not heard back. Please contact me. Best, Mike
  2. Thank you, can you recommend any of the Tandem Masters?
  3. Hi, I have not been up in a long time but could use some help finding a DZ and Tandem Master(s) with a good reputation for my brother and his wife for 8/13/18 near ZIP 77573 (SE of Houston). I have ~1300+ jumps so I know that is a lot for some and a beginner to others. I might even get back in the air if they take to it. Still have not sold my gear ;). Any recommendations would be be greatly appreciated. Moderator-Please relocate if necessary. Thanks much! Blue skies, Mike USPA-116877 D-22435 Coach - Long expired
  4. I have the same question after looking at their website today. If you ask the right person, you'll get the right answer ... otherwise you'll just get an answer.
  5. My PC10 died and I just picked up a CX100 and a Cookie box and am trying to choose a mount and glass. I am moving from side to top mount. First, which mounts do people like in current technology... I know there are a lot out there but those I’ve been looking at are … Schumacher's Quick Shoe, Goldmember Quick-Release, The Liquid Flatlock and Really Right Stuff (please pipe in if others are recommended). These all seem to be $100 to $150. Second is glass .4 to .5 … I’d be willing to shell out +/- $150. I have read many opinions here on Raynox, Century, Opteka and Kenko but not much on Liquid. Any comments on Liquid? The only issue is I want rear threads to match (30mm) as I have seen people having trouble with adapter rings causing a black ring around the video. Thanks, Mike