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  1. ixlr82

    Speed skydiving - head down

    Maybe, if no one answers here, copy and paste into the Freefly forum.
  2. I would be very uncomfortable with a staged breakoff of 5k and 4.5k. That's 3 seconds, way too close for those two groups. And 12 people doesn't typically require a staged breakoff. Also, you can always request to 'up' the breakoff altitude.
  3. Chanman, I'm going to quote Wendy's second paragraph because it seems you didn't actually pay attention to what she said when you posted. "2500' is a good lower end for BSR now I think. But just as a safe speed might be above the speed limit, I think a safe opening can be planned down to about 2000'. Margin of error is always nice". A baglock or a no pull needs immediate emergency procedures, no doubt. However, it can be PLANNED, even down to 2000 feet. The outer ring of belly big ways have been pulling at 2k for decades. If you have an AAD and/or high performance main it means you have to be extremely responsive to initiate EP's.
  4. Yes. Thank you for that link. Clicked on it and spent the next 54 minutes learning about parachutes from someone who designs, modifies and test flies parachutes. And he refuses to get very technical, instead always bringing it back to the very pertinent, tangible and easy to understand aspects that are pertinent to real world skydivers.
  5. ixlr82

    Did Bill Dause really say . . . ?

    Lamest troll ever. Come on man. At least put a little thought into it.
  6. This is probably not the problem but keep it in mind. The canopy may be way out trim which could potentially cause the problem. I had line twists on a Heatwave about every fourth jump. When relined, problem solved. Anyway, if you could rent a different canopy, maybe you could rule this out.
  7. ixlr82

    What drop zones require an AAD?

    The dropzone database right here on dz.com lists which dz's require aad's and which dz's allow hook turns. Whether they are all up to date is another question.
  8. ixlr82

    Photographing lightning

    Set you camera on a tripod. Set exposure to 'manual'. Lock the shutter open. Adjust the aperture according to preference after you capture the first lightning strike. I would also use manual focus set to infinity. Of course, if you are trying to capture a lightning strike during freefall you'll just have to be really, really fast.