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  1. No. I'm 5-11 and my weight when I got recurrent was 264. Out the door I was 308. I'm currently a slender 239. I bought my gear new. I jump a Racer with a firebolt 328,and a nighthawk 300 reserveQuote
  2. I remember jumping with Luis. He always had a smile for everyone.
  3. You are learning in an excellent dz with an amazing pool of talent
  4. I just realized that I was a "pileit" in the Army. When I would dig a foxhole my squad leader would show me where he wanted the dirt piled. That's where I would pileit. Over the years I got to be a pretty good pileit...
  5. I wish the very best for both of you :-)
  6. I was sitting in the bowling alley at Schofield Barracks drowning my sorrows at having 36 gutter balls in a row. My buddy said "you ought to try skydiving, no matter what you're gonna hit the ground". That was in 1980. In every jump since I have yet to miss the ground
  7. I get around... Hey I met you in Perris when SRA had their get together last Dec
  8. And Squeak... How can I forget him??
  9. Let's see, LisaH, mikeneal, DSE, Gia, Grannyinthesky , (so far two kiss passes with her.Uhh right now having a senior moment) ladybuffdiver I talk a lot with Shah269. (Hey I have questionable morals).....
  10. 2000 sq ft main? I thought I jumped a large canopy..
  11. You might want to give Jump Shack a t ry. The Racer container is extremely comfortable. Jump Shack is kind of the big and tall shop for skydivers.
  12. A lot depends on your personal situation. In order for me to get back into the sport I had to get my own stuff. Three years later I can say without reservation it was worth every penny
  13. I agree Rove is another one I hold in contempt