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  1. No. I'm 5-11 and my weight when I got recurrent was 264. Out the door I was 308. I'm currently a slender 239. I bought my gear new. I jump a Racer with a firebolt 328,and a nighthawk 300 reserveQuote
  2. I remember jumping with Luis. He always had a smile for everyone.
  3. You are learning in an excellent dz with an amazing pool of talent
  4. I just realized that I was a "pileit" in the Army. When I would dig a foxhole my squad leader would show me where he wanted the dirt piled. That's where I would pileit. Over the years I got to be a pretty good pileit...
  5. I wish the very best for both of you :-)
  6. I was sitting in the bowling alley at Schofield Barracks drowning my sorrows at having 36 gutter balls in a row. My buddy said "you ought to try skydiving, no matter what you're gonna hit the ground". That was in 1980. In every jump since I have yet to miss the ground
  7. I get around... Hey I met you in Perris when SRA had their get together last Dec
  8. And Squeak... How can I forget him??
  9. Let's see, LisaH, mikeneal, DSE, Gia, Grannyinthesky , (so far two kiss passes with her.Uhh right now having a senior moment) ladybuffdiver I talk a lot with Shah269. (Hey I have questionable morals).....
  10. 2000 sq ft main? I thought I jumped a large canopy..
  11. You might want to give Jump Shack a t ry. The Racer container is extremely comfortable. Jump Shack is kind of the big and tall shop for skydivers.
  12. A lot depends on your personal situation. In order for me to get back into the sport I had to get my own stuff. Three years later I can say without reservation it was worth every penny
  13. I agree Rove is another one I hold in contempt
  14. There were a few humint sources who were compromised and killed, along with their families. The traitorous bastard needs to be held accountable
  15. Overheard at the dz yesterday, Whuffo "How many jumps do you have"? Skydiver "oh about 1000" Whuffo "wow thats a lot. Do you have anyother hobbies"? Skydiver "masterbation
  16. I jump a monster 328 main.. all zp.. I pay 10 per pack job plus a generous tip. That thing is a freakin beast. The packer deserves combat pay
  17. The laughter, the friendships, the feeling of exhilaration when I a jump goes as it was dirt dived, the freedom, the breath I take at the door before exit... I can go on and on. Beer always tastes better on the dz than anywhere else in thie world
  18. Probation Officer I work with juveniles
  19. Her cover of "Vodoo Child" is excellent!!!
  20. I own a firebolt 328. I consider it to be an outstanding canopy. Openings are great and its fun to fly.
  21. The best pizza going is one with anchovies and jalepenos. LOTS of both. plus a cold beer
  22. fossg


    Well, since my divorce is still going on I don't realy have family that I can celebrate with so I will be working a double shift covering for a coworker so she can spend the holiday with her husband and family.