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  1. Scotty was larger than life. A true legend in his time. He lived louder and on the edge more than anyone I've ever met. His stories were unbelievable (but believable, knowing Carbone). Some of my favourite skydiving memories are from Quincy 1995 and 96 with Scotty as a soundtrack to my memories. - In 1995, I drove up to Quincy from Deland with Scotty & Rickerby. Rickerby in his van, and Scotty in his RV. The two fought like an old married couple, but loved each other to death, best buds until the end I believe. Scotty surfed his pet lizards out the RV window. Only one survived the roadtrip, dying from the shock of all the airtime! We had a funeral and burial by the WFFC showerhouse for his dearly departed pet on arrival. He was so stricken with sadness and couldn't understand why it had died?! - On my first & only Carbone-organized Quincy lingerie jump -- the last visual I had before opening was Scotty dive-tracking with his crazy trail-blazing hat. - Scotty in his cow-suit (always the trendsetter, making the onesie popular!!) was host to the wet t-shirt contest. And then the storm came whipping through. What a night! "Scotty in his element working up the crowd at the 1995 event for the Wet T Shirt Party- "Get out your 5 dollar bills and dollar bills and pass um on up..come on guys!" - then the storm hit" Thankfully, I'm NOT in the video although I was in the contest :P. Scotty had such a raspy voice -- as if he smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day -- and he was often curt, loud and brash as fuck. But boy, was he a kind (often generous) soul with an open and good heart. Good times, great memories. I'm nostalgic in watching all the memorial ash-dive videos from this past Saturday -- he wanted his ashes spread on his birthday. 33 dropzones around the US and many more around the world participated. I'm so grateful to have grown up as a skydiver around that era, meeting the old-timers like Carbone, Rickerby, Dodgin. How about you?
  2. In true base-jumping style "If he told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?", yes ma'am, yes I would!!
  3. When you say "I having a semi weekly regimen of using weights and PT bands to mimic skydiving inputs so I can build muscle memory for free instead of 24 dollars for 50 seconds of training.", can you break down what you do with weights and bands to mimic said skydiving inputs, please?
  4. What do you think about Brian Germaines cutaway system? Looks easy enough to install!
  5. What do y'all think of Brian's version of a cutaway system??
  6. Please elaborate on how this was scary in so many ways? Thanks in advance :) sKY::
  7. Thanks Spot. I can't seem to render anything other than a mpg or HD Sony format on my Sony CX100. What settings render the mp4?? Thanks! sKY::
  8. What about the GoPro Silver ... do you get the same issues with white balance on the still frame photos? I just bought the Silver only for shooting skydiving Photos. I have the CX100 for video :)
  9. Thanks for the great resource. It might be 10 years old, and some links don't work, but it's still very relevant. Thanks for that!
  10. I believe Ray Ferrell at Skydance still makes / has spare parts for the Eclipse. Worth a shot :). Action Air Parachutes 24390 Aviation Ave Davis, CA 95616 [email protected] Tel:(530)753-2650
  11. YAY Richard! If it weren't for you and your ingenuity, would never have had this opportunity. Your boogies rock! :)
  12. Hey, I was there too, and jumped that helicopter. Which was an AMAZING ride indeed! Never had the privilege of jumping the Quincy Jet there, but I have jumped an Antonof and a military helicopter over the Durban International airport, jumping out at 14,000. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!
  13. I must admit, I have a similar experience for my second favourite jump ever ... flying my canopy through statuesque towering canyons of clouds in Sebastian. :). Trippy cool, especially with 3 other canopies swirling around me doing the same :)
  14. I third that opinion! Elsinore rocks. Chicks Boogie rocks even harder!