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  1. cutaway1

    old skydiving posters

    Nice, especially the first one, thanks for sharing those. Tim
  2. cutaway1

    Loy Brydon - D12

    When I was 16 in the 60,s I was working as a gass boy, I only had a few jumps, and I was gassing Don Molitors twin beech at Van Nuys airport, Loy Brydon was preparing to jump out of the beech, and I knew he was one of the most famous skydiviers in the world, he was on a bill borad for an ad in times square, in magazines and all that. Well, I couldn't believe it, it was a hot day, he had all his gear on, and he began running around the area doing ballet turns, and singing, at that moment I knew skydivers were different, everybody was laughing and he was putting on a show, 40 years later I an glad to hear he's still kicking, and sky divers are still different.
  3. That is so cool. That is me on the cover of Parachutist "July 68", a renounded jumper of his day, King May, took the photo. I was taking a photo class at school, and solarized the print, sent it in, and made the cover, I'm the guy on my belly, holding the other guy, who's on his back. Have not seen that photo for almost 40 years, thanks alot. Aloha, Tim
  4. cutaway1

    A tribute to Max Mueller,.. you will be missed

    Max was one of the kindest, most considerate people I've ever met in the sport, he was a real inspiration to all of us in Hawaii, even at 69 his enthusiasm and love for the sport never dimmed, he was especially warm and nice to new jumpers, always encouraging and positive, he will be greatly missed by all that knew him, so long Max, what an example, what a life, we all loved ya buddy. Tim