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  1. Thank you very much for the info-he was a great guy! Aloha, Tim SCR-21
  2. Was this the same Jyro who came originally from New Zealand? If so we knew him well years ago when he was in Hawaii, a great guy; what happened? SCR-21
  3. Jim Dann is lower left, Bill Newell, Tommy Owens, & Tim Harrris over Arvin, CA 1965. SCR-21
  4. Jim was a cool guy with a high beam smile. Tim Harris SCR-21 SCR-21
  5. Our good buddy and devoted skydiver Luis passed away on 4/29/2014 after a long illness. He was a great friend with a big heart who loved life, loved jumping and jumpers. We will very much miss you my kind friend. SCR-21
  6. I knew and jumped with Bob at Arvin. Al Paradowski is a regular on this forum and knew him even better. Best, Tim SCR-21
  7. Bill preserved a wonderful episode in the evolution of flight in his very well written "Arvin Good Guys". fly free buddy SCR-21
  8. One more vintage Arvin photo circa 1966 shot by Bob Buquor. L to R Bill Newell, Tommy Ownens, Tim Harris, Jim Dan. Tim Harris SCR 21 SCR-21
  9. Hi Al, I was able to process a few more photos from 1966. Tim SCR21 SCR-21
  10. Hi Al, Your description of the reunion was great, I almost felt like I was there with you while I read all the juicy details. Thanks so much for sharing that. I will make it in November if I can. Tim Harris SCR21 SCR-21
  11. Hey Al, Here are a few more from Arvin 1966. I have some of these old balck and white 2 inch negatives from back in the day and I am trying to copy negative images onto an old HP scanner to produce something since the shop won't work with that size anymore. I am also having some regular 35 mm processed that should turn out better. SCR-21
  12. Hey Garry Beautiful execution of a well rehearsed plan; sending you big respect and joy for this tremendous accomplishment performed with authentic style. We are all proud of this profound performance of nonparachutemanship Bravo! I was there the day Rod Pack jumped with out a parachute for the first time nearly 50 years ago, and Bob Allen passes him a belly wart reserve in freefall. That was front page headline news on every paper of the world. This in comparison seemed to me to be even more astonishing and dangerous. They have been talking about doing this forever. Way to go Hero, it looked kind of iffy coming in through the bumps of turbulence, before executing a perfectly timed nose high flare right on the box tops. What timing, what a superb flight in to the record books for extraordinary achievement? This was better than landing the jetliner in the Hudson, what a pilot-Hurray! You’re the Man Tim SCR-21
  13. Hi Al, Good to hear from you; I am working on it and having difficulty scanning negatives. I will see if I can take the negatives to a pro to scan for me. Aloha, Tim SCR-21
  14. Arvin has a lot of good memories for me also. I have many photos of Arvin and the gang I need to figure out how I can scan them and all of the negatives that are stuck up in a box in the attic and share them you who remember that whole incredible scene. Tim Harris SCR 21 SCR-21
  15. This was very cool to watch; what fun! SCR-21
  16. You blew my socks off-great! SCR-21
  17. Hi Dennis, Do you have any photos to post of the old farts reunion; it would be nice to see them. Thanks, Tim scr 21 SCR-21
  18. Dear Blue, I am so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your husband. I had the pleasure of getting to know him when he was visiting Hawaii a couple of years ago, what a terrific guy; he would have to be extra special to be your mate and I can only imagine the pain you must be going through. I will always consider you one of the most extraordinary, brave, heroic, and extra special people I have ever met. I am hoping that extra measure of courage and strength you possess will help you endure this terribly difficult time. You are the best, and please know myself and so many others share your grief and are sending you our deepest sympathy. Warmest Aloha, Tim Harris SCR-21
  19. Congratulations Pat-keep it up and keep it going-you know what I mean. Aloha! SCR-21
  20. Around the time this article came out I met Daryl at skydive Talf; Art Armstrong was having a $1,000 first price accuracy meet and I was a new jumper, 17 yearls old and met him the weekend of the contest, he took the $1,000 prize home with him to Canada, nice guy. SCR-21
  21. Bill was great. I remember back at Arvin, about 1966: Bill, like most at that time started to deploy at about 1,500 and had a cone lock, no worries, he pulled the handle on his belly mounted 24' twill reserve, he said "I saw it snap open, then rip off", the springs in the D rings were weak, and the reserve had somehow become disconnected from the main harness, only held down by the small tie downs located on the sides of the container. He saw the ground, he was now very low, leaping up at him, all hope was gone, then the main popped open with out a second to spare, he did a stand up landing in his French jump boots. The main container apparently was jarred open by the initial tug from the reserve before it ripped off and went by by. Bill related all this to me as we climbed out on the next Howard load shortly after it happened. It was always exciting jumping with Bill. I loved it. Tim Harris scr 21 SCR-21
  22. I do not even remember much regarding Masters of the Sky; it has been so long ago. Terry was a very advanced jumper and liked to take risk whenever possible. He was very kind to me. SCR-21
  23. I made my first jump out of Spike's Beech in 1963 and was fortunate enough to jump and party with Terry Ward and the Arvin Good Guys for several terrific years. Terry was one of the wildest and most generous characters I have ever met; and Spike, he loved the ambiance and was a very kind, gentle and gruff. I miss them all. Fly High brothers. SCR-21
  24. Thanks Brian and Bill. It was terrific reading the story of the first relative work stars. What a wonderful time it was. You guys were always inspiring and wonderful to me. Tim Harris SCR 21 SCR-21
  25. That is wonderful, congratulations ladies, you da bomb! SCR-21