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  1. Im looking to go to a tunnel for a few days for some training. I learnt to sit fly in the 1990's skydiving and have bad habits like flying too much with my arms that I want to get rid of. Any suggestions for where to go ? Ideally looking for a good coach with good English,a tunnel in an urban area so I can walk from accommodation to tunnel . Even better would be air to air comms but amazingly it seems no one is using these ( i tried them once at Perris Valley and they were amazing). I was thinking Prague or Budpest. Does anyone know of good coaches there the would recommend ? Any other suggestions for a different tunnel or experiences with these ones? I live in Uk but thinking it would be nice to take a trip someone on mainland Europe for this.
  2. philh

    nil winds

    thats a good idea
  3. philh

    nil winds

    I am wondering if there is any statistics on incident rates for zero wind conditions. Im thinking there may be reason to expect them to be higher than normal due to 2 factors 1) More likely confusion over landing direction 2) faster landings . On the other hand nil winds does make it easier to get back from a bad spot. Does anyone know if there is such data and whether it shows any effect or not?
  4. philh

    Front flip, keeping in place

    No, but Ill see if I can get some, yes I was thinking sit . Thanks
  5. philh

    Front flip, keeping in place

    Any tips for keeping my front flips in place? Im catching a lot of air and going up every time I do one.
  6. philh

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    I sometimes take first timers up the tunnel. before I take them I show the how to fly and do a very through briefing. I teach them the box position, how to turn go, up and down , forward and back etc. A trend I have noticed recently is that when they are getting in the tunnel , the instructor forces them out of a good position and keeps giving them straight legs signal , so that they have extended legs and extended arms . Has anyone else noticed this? If so what is going on? Why are they making my first timers unstable in this awful position?
  7. philh

    Skydive Empuriabrava

    Ive been to many DZ's around the world but in my mind Empuria is the best. The views are stunning, to the south east you can see the Med and the beach to the north the Pyrenese mountains (often with snow on them)and beneath you the canal system of Empuria. The staff are friendly and effecient. I'm amazed at how many languages evryone speaks. The facilities are second to none, swimming pool, tennis courts, go kart track, bar and restaraunt, massage etc. But what makes Empuria really different to most DZ's is that when you leave the DZ you are not in the middle of nowhere. Instead you are in a lovely holiday resort, the biggest residential marina in the world. So once you have finished jumping you can simply walk out the DZ to the bars, resteraunts, hotels, clubs, the beach etc. Its really nice to go on holiday and not have to spend 24 hrs a day at the drop zone. The last holiday we took we would jump then chill out by the pool, do some local sightseeing , jump again , go out all night etc etc. Where else is all this within walking distance of the drop zone? On the downside the winds are often strong in the afternoon, the landing area is a long narrow strip, not pleasant when the wind is not blowing either north or south and the altitude is rarely more than 13,000 ft. Also the Cd playerin the plane at Space Centre makes a major difference that perhaps gives a bit of an edge that Empuria doesn't have. But these are minor problems. Overall Empuria makes not only a great DZ, but also a great holiday destinantion even for Whuffos, just ask the rich Germans who have their villas beneath you.