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  1. I frequent a small DZ and have gone out to catch on days when winds are on the edge. Is there a correct way to do this? particularly if you should be grabbing 1 or both toggles. Due to my limited experience at other DZ's I've never really seen both toggles being pulled upon landing, if two catchers run up to the same tandem typically one side is pulled. I tried looking up information on best practices here and on google and couldn't find anything. I tried looking up random videos of tandems landing and it's either no catchers(no wind), two catchers per tandem and both pulling, someone running around yanking 1 handle and running to the next tandem, I haven't seen 1 person grabbing both (or I haven't watched enough videos yet!). I've never really had issues with 1 toggle as it would flip the nose down and then collapse as I pulled more at which point I could walk around behind to prevent re-inflation (same thing on personal jumps basically). Does wind speed dictate which method should be used? Is there anything mentioned in tandem certification courses? Is this a DZ specific practice passed down through generations and basically preference?
  2. ck29

    EG Jumpsuits

    I had no issues ordering a stock suit. Make sure to measure well and pad it a bit. I measured in shorts and such and got a really snug suit. I just wish they had inside leg grippers on the RW suits.
  3. Are helmet sizes (SM, M, LG) the same between open and full face helmets? Pro-tec and other open face helmets sized medium(snowboarding etc) I've tried always fit best. When I tried a medium Z1 full face I couldn't get it on my head and when I tried a large Oxygen it had too much side to side play. There are no large gear shops nearby where I can just try all sorts of brands and sizes so I was wondering if anyone had some tips regarding full face sizing. Does Z1 tend to fit smaller? I was convinced I could order a medium anything without much worry but now I'm not sure. (particularly interested in the Cookie Gas)
  4. I just checked out the site of the dz hosting the Canadian Nationals this year and was impressed. Navigation is a bit all over the place but otherwise not bad.
  5. I've had partial dislocations on my left and only during loops (student/solo stuff). First time it took a couple weeks before I felt good enough to attempt frontloop again and all was well the first loop but the second one(same freefall) I think I may have heard a pop and it hurt even more than the first. Ahead 6 weeks before trying loops again, first backloop ok.. then last attempt before tracking and my arm locked in sort of a delta position but with a bit of twisting I was able to unlock it and it was sore but not as bad as the previous one. I had been doing rotator cuff exercises for 3 of the 6 weeks (first 3 just to let soreness subside fully). I didn't have issues with shoulder during backloops prior to the first incident. I cradled my arm against my body at first(sling position) which didn't do much for stability but WAS able to get into a box, stabilize, and pull at the right altitude even though my left arm was very weak and shoulder in pain. It scared the hell out of me flopping around in the air and it also disheartened me because I love this sport and this could end it for me before it even really begins. It's been about 3-4 weeks since that last skydive and there are still certain movements or positions that cause pain for a moment, I have new clicks and small pops when I rotate and move my arm all around, but I basically have full strength back. Doctor I saw didn't really care since it wasn't acute pain and I had full movement so didn't get to have it scanned, physio therapist thought it may not have been a full dislocation at any time since I had full, albeit slow, movement and good strength after only 3-4 days. It's not so much how strong your shoulder is but how quickly things happen in the air that your strength may not help with in time.. such as catching the relative wind in box position while coming out of a loop. Sure it's not a strong force if I'm prepared for it but it just threw my arm quicker than I expected it to. I'll be doing strength/flexibility exercises for the winter and hope all is well for next season, even considering a brace of some sort. There are many shoulder posts on this forum, I recommend going through them.
  6. do the balloon pilots require some license or permission to drop skydivers?
  7. it's not just the door opening, it's also the rush of air, and wind noise that add to the door experience.
  8. ck29

    Skydive Manitoba

    Manitoba's newest CSPA dropzone features the most awesome views in Manitoba skydiving, with 360 degree views from the plane of the picturesque lakeside town of Gimli, on the inland ocean, Lake Winnipeg. This is a full-service dropzone.