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  1. ryan_d_sucks

    Franklin TN DZ?

    I'm from Franklin. There is no DZ in the immediate area. Closest options are Skydive Alabama (about 2.5 hours south) or Adventure Skydive Tennessee in Waverly, TN (about 1.5 hours northwest). I think Skydive Alabama is probably open on New years, not sure about AST.
  2. ryan_d_sucks

    PAC750 @ Skydive East Tennessee for the winter!

    Awesome! How many people is enough to get it in the air?
  3. ryan_d_sucks

    First Helmet Build Help

    Chutingstar has just about everything in stock you could think about wanting. A Rawa helmet with a box is a more affordable option than the Cookie helmet + a box. Maybe there is good reason for that, but I don't know yet. I'm waiting for the arrival of my Rawa and box next week. As for lenses, I think it depends on what you want to do with the camera.
  4. ryan_d_sucks

    Skydive Palatka

    I made the 10 hour trip down to Skydive Palatka completely alone. I was scared the trip could turn out to be a total bust since I didn't know anyone at all at the DZ. However, I was wrong! Upon getting out of my car and walking towards the packing area I was told to get my rig out and get on a load! I literally got straight out of my car and into the plane! The people at Skydive Palatka are awesome. In my few days on the DZ I met tons of cool people, made some really fun jumps, and found a DZ I would love to visit again and again. I met people of all backgrounds and ages, including those barely old enough to jump to those with triple digit D-numbers. There was all sorts of jumping going on-- bigways, RW, freeflying, wingsuiting, etc. Everyone was super friendly and willing to jump with me. A jumper of any discipline could find someone to jump with. The facilities are great, especially the shower. The Caravan holds a good number of jumpers, and gets to 13.5 pretty quick. I have absolutely no complaints, and I'm positive that I would be a much better skydiver if I jumped here all the time.
  5. ryan_d_sucks

    Jerry's Sky Circus Explore Freefall

    This is a great DZ with a family atmosphere. Dick Money (DZO) is NOT all about the money. He keeps his prices low to keep people skydiving. Safety is paramount at this DZ- planes circle the airport burning fuel to wait for 1 student to land before dropping others, aircraft are well-maintained, and weather conditions are respected. This DZ really cares about the up and comming jumper. Personally I have received freefall coaching, packing instruction (and some pack-jobs), RW coaching and more, and nobody has charged me a dime even when I've tried paying them. This is a really fun DZ with great staff and great jumpers. Its got well-maintained aircraft and a staff that loves skydiving. There's also free entertainment/comedy if you stand near Dick Money and keep your ears open. I recommend anybody check it out who's looking for a fun place to jump.
  6. ryan_d_sucks

    Received a SkyFest Skydiving Scholarship??

    I have wondered this for a while now-- What exactly is this scholarship? Do coaches donate jumps to help out students, or is it some type of gear pool, or is it a reduced cost AFF, or what? I like the idea of experienced jumpers giving back and helping out the newbies, something I hope to be able to do one day, but I don't exactly understand what this scholarship is.
  7. ryan_d_sucks

    Dropzone Spring Cleaning

    Haha, its hardly February... A bit too early and too damn cold to be calling spring time-- But that is kind of a cool idea. (As long as beer is served at the end of the day)
  8. ryan_d_sucks

    Health Insurance that covers Skydivers

    Health insurance, or life insurance?