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  1. What are the implications? New technologies coming forth? I am ALIVE!
  2. I'm thankful for every person I have the opportunity to connect with, this includes everyone on! I can't put into words how awesome sharing an existence with another person is I am ALIVE!
  3. John Mitchell I declare in the name of Jesus Christ your body to be healed. I am ALIVE!
  4. Hmm, very interesting. I can't imagine what that would be like. I am ALIVE!
  5. Nothingness, but you where thinking and leaving earth? I am ALIVE!
  6. If anyone wants to know how to heal, listen to all 16 hours of what this guy has to say. Apply it to your life, and start seeing results even if you aren't a Christian you can surely find some answers or atleast something to debate about I am ALIVE!
  7. This guy simply needs to read the Bible. I am ALIVE!
  8. You forgot Burger King I am ALIVE!
  9. I am ALIVE!
  10. Every day I fall in love with the people around me. I want to view every person on this planet as my brother or sister, with this sometimes you disagree with your family but love them the same. If someone is hating me I let it go and focus on what matters. I am ALIVE!
  11. If only the religious would get up and follow Jesus, we wouldn't have a thing to worry about! I am ALIVE!