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  1. LOL Well, my inexperience shows in my doodling, I suppose. No slider, a 20-cell main, suspension lines EVERYWHERE. What's a dude to do? And I hear you, Matt. I actually sat behind a desk for a while, kicked in doors for a while, now, I'll do the desk thing again. I mean, if I did the Scout thing for the last 10 years, what can I do besides guard or shoot more stuff when I get out. No thanks. :) Sincerely, Kevin
  2. HOLY SMOKES! That's some serious traffic! FWIW, my wife LOVES her 2008 Rav4. Sincerely, Kevin
  3. We had a really boring class today. When the instructor made the mistake of saying the material wasn't testable, I entertained myself with a couple of pictures. :) Sincerely, Kevin
  4. Well that explains it. During my Army Airborne days, I always wondered why I wanted to get a bite of my static line. Thanks! Sincerely, Kevin
  5. Ah, if only my finance person was collocated with me. I almost feel bad. She is in Texas coordinating with the Army regarding the logistics of our move to Hawaii. My daughter is home on spring break and I tried to get them to come over here for a visit, but she rightfully cited gas prices. All I'm doing is learning a new job and skydiving.
  6. Oh. Well I didn't know it could be that valuable. If I can find a sucker, er, an assistant to act as a camera person, I'll throw the video up. Anyone going to Eloy on Saturday? Sincerely, Kevin
  7. You don't have to worry about that. I have an innate ability to focus. Especially when my ankles, knees or a combination depend on it. The camera thing will be the last effort. I'll get with the instructor on Saturday and see what s/he has. And I'll pay more attention to the sensations I am getting up top. It may be just skewed perception. Look for a report.
  8. I like that idea. I do take my little crappy camera with me, but it does have video. I just need to find someone who is waiting around in the student area. Shouldn't be too hard. Good call. Sincerely, Kevin
  9. AND And a couple of others in between: Thank you! As overly-simplistic as it seems, this is exactly what I needed.
  10. Understood. And you are right. Naturally.
  11. No no. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking about the mechanics behind landing. I'm asking is being straight-forward about it to my AFF-I the best approach. It sounds crazy now, but I didn't remember that golden rule about "there are no stupid questions." I can be that guy, though, given the chance. Thanks for the encouragement. When I get there Saturday, I'll bring it up. Sincerely, Kevin
  12. That seems to be the easiest approach. I just wanted to bounce the situation around a bit here in the event that I was missing something. I'll talk to them, just wanted to make sure I was within my lane, so to speak. Thanks Sincerely, Kevin
  13. Hi all, PLEASE don't let this be misinterpreted. I absolutely, unequivocally, 100% trust ALL the instructors I have worked with. I just have 1 simple question. If I feel like I need to flare earlier, how do I bring this to the AFF-I? Let me explain. When I flare up top doing the control check, it seems like it takes a little longer for the canopy to reach that slowest point than I have been given on approach. Perhaps I don't know enough to fully appreciate the landing sequence. How do I bring this up to my instructors without coming across as questioning their direction or method? Thanks. Sincerely, Kevin
  14. Here is what is listed on the Skydive Arizona website. I'm doing it a little differently (didn't have $2,000 up front), so I'll pay a little more. That tunnel time is a HUGE benefit. I mean, it makes it marginally more expensive than DZs without, but it's well worth it. Good luck finding a DZ soon! I'll be jumping Saturday. I hope to get L3-L5 knocked out. Last time out, two jumps exhausted me. Haha Sincerely, Kevin