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  1. Dear Chuck Akers, Read the comments of Ukrainian skydivers in your FB post. Tatiana Radchenko and her husband (the friend) Gennadii Antiufeiev are not the kind of people who need help now. They worked in the occupied Crimea and in Russia. Best regards, Liudmyla Iakovlieva Ukraine USPA AFF-I, S&TA SWS Academy, Ukraine
  2. This is clear. But do you teach the students to steer by pulling the rear risers OR release the brakes and steer with the toggles when both inflate?
  3. I am interested of emergency procedures with two canopies out for students categories A,B or C. They didn't learn the steearing by rear risers yet. What will be safer, for example, with side-by-side canopies? Leave the brakes stowed and steer by pulling on the rear risers or release the brakes and steer with the toggles? The student may be in panic and make mistakes. There was a bad situation with a student recently. The main was 270 sq.ft, the reserve was 255 sq.ft. The student made a mistake, release toggles on the reserve and after stable side-by-side became downplane. I think so way: teach the students leave the brakes stowed and steer with rear risers when they have biplane or side-by-side canopies. But if the toggles were unstowed earlier then two canopies out, then steer with the toggles.
  4. Why are different actions in solo jump and tandem jump when Two canopies out? In SIIM Stable biplane Unstow the brakes on the front canopy or leave the brakes stowed and steer by pulling on the rear risers and recover gently to full flight. In Sigma Manual ...leave the brakes stowed on both canopies and make gentle control inputs by pulling down on either of the left or right rear risers of the front canopy to initiate turns