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  1. My best vertical speed run up high is 105mph at 9k on a Petra 68 at 3.3ish. I haven't had a chance to take my Petra 62 for a high pull loaded up to see what I can get it to. My best ground runs on the 62 have been peaking in the mid to low 90's vertical on the roll out. That's at a 3.4-3.65 WL doing a 630. For a work wing I just moved from a JVX 72 to a VK67(non-hybrid / not full rds) loaded at 2.7. I have been doing 630's and getting in the low 80's on the 10 or so turns I have done with it. The DZ's I have been jumping at are all about 300ft MSL. 17-15-14 Petra 68 3.3.CSV 17-58-58 VK 67 2.7.CSV 19-32-27 Petra 62 3.65.CSV
  2. Thanks for the data daffes. I am interested to see both max speeds on landing and the terminal speeds up high. I realize the up high terminal speeds can vary greatly based on air density etc. but I figured if people post all the info or a flysight file along with the number you can still get a general idea. I have had an opportunity to fly most of the modern wings out currently, but not enough jumps on each to load them all up as much as I'd like. So this is my way of trying to get that data instead. On that post you linked I can't seem to find out how to see the data files on each of the posts since the website overhaul. Do you know how to view them? They don't seem to show up like yours have on here.
  3. For those who are using Flysights while under smaller wings on the higher end of the WL spectrum, what is the max vertical descent rate you have been able to get to? I would be interested to know all the details along with the speed(wing type, size, WL and altitude).
  4. Here's some footage for ya. Just a random bit of everything I had. Some flocking, xrw and turns. https://youtu.be/bZE_dKWX-Pc
  5. What sort of videos are you looking for? I have some footage of my 20 or so jumps on a Sofia 64. I can upload some of it if you are interested.
  6. Yeah, I think you are pretty spot on with this. A few weeks back I got some jumps on a Petra 68 with a 220ish exit weight. I have a Petra 62 on the way. A bit of lead and some lower body drag and I think she'll be perfect for me.
  7. I didn't like the short control range and the lack of rears in comparison to the JVX trimmed VX I was flying before. Also chose to take a step back to my 105 Jedei after rear riser stalling the Xaos and hitting the ground.
  8. List is more or less in correct order. Canopies I only did a few jumps on may not be 100% accurately listed in the proper place as they were borrowed while I had another wing I was flying. One abrupt meeting the ground at just under 500 jumps when I tried the Xaos 78. Just bruises though. Exit weight: 180lbs Canopy Size Jumps Nav 260 - 3 Nav 220 - 5 Solo 190 - 10 Sabre 2 170 - 2 Spectre 150 - 20 Sabre 2 150 - 2 Sabre 135 - 150 Stiletto 135 - 110 Samurai 136 - 20 Nitron 120 - 1 Jedei 105 - 250 VX 96 - 10 Xaos-21 78 - 1 JVX 83 - 200 JFX 89 - 1 Velocity 84 - 10 JVX 75 - 20 JVX 72 - 700 Leia 74 - 10 Leia 69 - 60 Valkyrie 71 - 20 Helix 74 - 1 Airwolf 75 - 6 Leia 72 - 20 Sofia 64 - 20 Petra 69 - 4
  9. I got added to the Petra page, definitely lots of good info on there. Had the chance to put a few jumps on a Petra 69. Jumped it loaded at 2.6 and 3.0. It felt steeper than Sofia 64 right away even at the lighter loading. That leaves me wondering what exactly the Sofia has as an advantage over Petra. The Sofia that my friend got was from Cornelia and must be on the line set with the flatter of the 2 trim options. I wonder if the steeper trim would set it apart. Looks like I will be getting a Petra. Would still like to hear from anyone else who happens to come across this post with experience on either or both of these wings.
  10. Petra page? Is that a post or a specific page I am not aware of? I don't own either wing. In the process of deciding which to order. I have only flown Sofia, but I will have a slightly larger Petra to try out from a friend soon. Have been talking with a few knowledgeable people on the subject since I posted this and got some solid feedback. I saw on your profile you fly a Petra, do you do XRW with it? If so, what loading do you generally run and do you run any modifications on the Petra (lineset, trim etc.)? I really am interested in hearing from everyone.
  11. I was told that 60 is the cut off point. The sub 60's are for special people only I guess. Just did a few jumps yesterday on a Sofia 64 with just under 40lbs of lead on getting me to 3.4WL. The freaks were quite happy with that. My body at the end of the day, not so much.
  12. Yeah, easier for big guys to do that. I'm roughly 180lbs out the door, so even on the smallest canopy sizes I have to put on a fair amount of lead to load up. I have no jumps on Petra's but on one of my first jumps on a Sofia loaded at under 2.8 I was able to fly with someone in a Freak. So the steepness can be a benefit to avoid having to haul serious lead. But that's why I am posting. Interested to hear from those with Petra's.
  13. Basically Sofia is steeper. Wingsuiters prefer the forward speed of the Petra but the sink of the Sofia. The guy I was talking with from NZ said if he was doing only XRW he would use a Sofia. Didn't go into a whole lot of detail.
  14. Looking for opinions on the Petra vs the Sofia from those who have flown them. Differences, similarities etc. I have already talked a bit with NZ about both wings but I am curious what others have to say about how they fly at different WL's in the XRW environment. Trying to decide on which one to get.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. The second time I swapped the batteries I was with someone who had a lot more experience with Viso issues than me. The batteries were pulled, we waited a few minutes and the reset button was pushed when the new batteries were put in. It still chewed through them as fast as the first time.