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  1. I was in the Netherlands for work, and decided to find a local DZ. Check in / briefing was fast. Fast caravan to 12000', but a couple of the jumps only went to 9000' due to air traffic into Amsterdam. Everyone was very friendly and fun to jump with. Quite inclusive and positive atmosphere. Would recommend if your in the Netherlands.
  2. I own both an RW and a 2-peice free-fly suit from FreeFall Skydiving. I'm very happy with both. The RW suit has about ~160 jumps on it now, and is holding up strong. It's been very durable, and fits well. The booties and grippers are still in great shape. I had the custom colour stitching option put on. The inside pocket is handy. For the price, I would definitely recommend it. I haven't jumped the freefly suit too much since I've purchased it, but it snaps together nicely. The shorts are great for general jumping / day-to-day activities on the DZ (lots of pockets, secure in freefall). Unfortunately I cannot comment about the suit while free-flying, as I'm an RW flyer. The jacket fits nice, snaps in to the shorts, and the flat grippers are okay. Not too much negative to say about the suits, especially for the price. It's been put through the washer twice as well, colours are still great(neon-orange on black too). The free-fly grippers could be a bit more firm (RW grippers are great), but that's about all I can think of. Hope this helps your decision!
  3. We're currently really enjoying it. Why did you go back to Jumprun??
  4. Our DZ recently began using Manifest Windows XP [/url][url]. It's very easy to learn, and the support is amazing. Very inexpensive, and they converted our old manifest software database for us at no charge as well!
  5. This article made my day! Hilarious.
  6. Just as a side note to that: I find the times when I'm extremely busy or stressed is when I think about jumping the most.
  7. I was on the ground for this one, but watched a helicopter fly directly through our DZ at about 1000-1200ft. The view from my friends camera at 2000ft was pretty scary (he was under canopy, and the helicopter flew directly underneath him). Helicopters would be pretty unforgiving to fall through...