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  1. Hi from Cologne, i have 193 jumps now, the last years my eyes are getting worse, now i have got glasses, for watching Tv it feels realy good, riding my bike and E-scooter is also good but all looks much nearer for me, i want to start to wear them also at jumping but im a bit afraid for the first landimgs because i think the ground looks also more near so i think i flare to high, any recomands or advise what is important to know for my first jumps / landing with glasses? Thanks!
  2. Hiho , i have the Freezr Fullfacehelmet , i heard the cutaway from Bonehead works but i dont know how zo instal the cutaway because it is not possible to loose the chinstrap from the Helmet .... any ideas wwhat i can do ? Thanks ! :-)
  3. Hi , i traveled Düsseldorf - Barcelona - Düsseldorf with my Rig in the Cabin , in Düsseldorf was it easy the first security woman was not sure about taking a rig in the cabin then she asked her co-worker and he said all is fine. The way back from Barcelona to Düsseldorf was a bit moredifficult , the securityman couldnt speak a lot of english (much more worse than me ^^) , he just said many times : What ist it? Open it ! I said no there is no chance that i open it and i showed him the cypres xray card and some other documents but he didnt understand what is it , then i showed him fotos in facebook where i fly my canopy , he was not real interested and he rattled on my rig and the handles (i puttet shoestrings on my handles) after the 5. or 6. Time he sayed open it i just tooked my rig and walked away hahaha but then this idiot followed me , then he said show me the card again (cypres) and then he said ok have a good flight. That was very stressfull... 1. July i fly again to Barcelona nd i think i put my rig in the check in luggage but im very afraid that my suitcase can get lost and i loose some 1000 euro ... both ways are stressfull traveling with skydiving gear ... I will gibe you news when im back from empuriabrava ;-)