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  1. When you live in NL there is no end of season, Teuge is open every weekend 12 months in the year when the weather is ok for jumping ;-)
  2. Hi, i think to buy a Skyer Altimeter but i cant find a lot over the device, i like the big Display and the charging function, are there any people here wich use(d) this altimeter and can tell me Do you like it or not and is it trustworthy? Cheers and thanks, Markus
  3. Hi folks, what are the Best settings for Normal Funjumps fot the Go pro 8? Thanks!
  4. Hiho, i want to make holidays in summer (if it is possible about Corona...) anywhere in Europa, i search for a nice DZ near the beach because it is a normal holiday with my not jumping girlfriend, we been in Empuriabrava and Castellon, both beautyful places and great DZ, i know only Alvor is also near the beach, any other recommend DZ near a nice Beach in Europe? Thanks!
  5. Im totaly happy with my Evo from July 2020, very comfortable and suits perfect, great Quality and it feel very safe, great that the closing loop is on the flap and not inside the Container, i have a brandnew Rush Reserve in but didnt need it till now
  6. Hi from Cologne, i have 193 jumps now, the last years my eyes are getting worse, now i have got glasses, for watching Tv it feels realy good, riding my bike and E-scooter is also good but all looks much nearer for me, i want to start to wear them also at jumping but im a bit afraid for the first landimgs because i think the ground looks also more near so i think i flare to high, any recomands or advise what is important to know for my first jumps / landing with glasses? Thanks!
  7. Hiho , i have the Freezr Fullfacehelmet , i heard the cutaway from Bonehead works but i dont know how zo instal the cutaway because it is not possible to loose the chinstrap from the Helmet .... any ideas wwhat i can do ? Thanks ! :-)
  8. Hi , i traveled Düsseldorf - Barcelona - Düsseldorf with my Rig in the Cabin , in Düsseldorf was it easy the first security woman was not sure about taking a rig in the cabin then she asked her co-worker and he said all is fine. The way back from Barcelona to Düsseldorf was a bit moredifficult , the securityman couldnt speak a lot of english (much more worse than me ^^) , he just said many times : What ist it? Open it ! I said no there is no chance that i open it and i showed him the cypres xray card and some other documents but he didnt understand what is it , then i showed him fotos in facebook where i fly my canopy , he was not real interested and he rattled on my rig and the handles (i puttet shoestrings on my handles) after the 5. or 6. Time he sayed open it i just tooked my rig and walked away hahaha but then this idiot followed me , then he said show me the card again (cypres) and then he said ok have a good flight. That was very stressfull... 1. July i fly again to Barcelona nd i think i put my rig in the check in luggage but im very afraid that my suitcase can get lost and i loose some 1000 euro ... both ways are stressfull traveling with skydiving gear ... I will gibe you news when im back from empuriabrava ;-)