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  1. Thunderbow

    Why Aren’t You Wearing Earplugs?

    From an oldschooler, DO IT. I have ringing in my ears that is crazy. Looked up my old rigger from the 70's and 80's who happens to live 3 miles from me. Asked him if he had ringing. Guess what? He does and bad. I sat behind a desk my whole working life. The really only LOUD activity I had was skydiving. Only 500 jumps but pretty sure that's what did it. And a lot of those early jumps were out of planes with no door at all, not that a jump door makes that much difference, just sayin'.
  2. Thunderbow

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    As a retired jumper that did a lot of solo jumps and most at Cessna dz's, I was concerned about the formation requirements for licenses. Just plain doesn't seem right. What if you just don't do that stuff. Maybe even want to do solo demos someday. I did quite a few back in the day. Maybe not all legal but maybe someone wants to do legal ones. You're screwed if relative work isn't your thing.
  3. Thunderbow

    $129 gopro

    Sold out.
  4. Thunderbow

    Let's Bring Back the THUNDER BOW!

    Oh, come on. Mine got me to the ground every time. It was the first canopy I owned. I loved it, I could jump out of an airplane and live. Plus I always had an arrow to show me which direction I was going. Although I did cut the lines on it a few years back to make sure I didn't have any stupid ideas about jumping it again. Lots and lots of pull up cords in that pile of multi-colored lines.
  5. Thunderbow

    Hypeye D Pro -installing on a helmet;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Check out the above and be prepared to be told to use the search function.
  6. Thunderbow


    Oh boy are you gonna get jumped for not using the search function first! Search on CX7 and CG1. Maybe even "handycam" "handcam" "outside camera".
  7. Thunderbow

    Muskegon, Michigan area rigger!

    councilman24 is from the Kalamazoo area.
  8. Thunderbow

    Hooray! I found a used rig!!

    Good for you! Patence is truly a virtue. I personally think used everything makes sense. About the only thing I wear on a jump that hasn't been owned previously is my underwear.