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  1. From an oldschooler, DO IT. I have ringing in my ears that is crazy. Looked up my old rigger from the 70's and 80's who happens to live 3 miles from me. Asked him if he had ringing. Guess what? He does and bad. I sat behind a desk my whole working life. The really only LOUD activity I had was skydiving. Only 500 jumps but pretty sure that's what did it. And a lot of those early jumps were out of planes with no door at all, not that a jump door makes that much difference, just sayin'.
  2. As a retired jumper that did a lot of solo jumps and most at Cessna dz's, I was concerned about the formation requirements for licenses. Just plain doesn't seem right. What if you just don't do that stuff. Maybe even want to do solo demos someday. I did quite a few back in the day. Maybe not all legal but maybe someone wants to do legal ones. You're screwed if relative work isn't your thing. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  3. Ah, should have known Mr. Urban would come up with it. Now that I know, sure enough that was the name. And now that you mention Northern Lite I remember that I had one. No wonder the release looked familiar. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  4. OK, this is kind of weird. This ad came on for Ally bank. The premise is that there are a bunch of people from all different walks of life heading to a meeting that Ally bank is having. I notice a guy that apparently just landed, gathered up his canopy an is headed to this meeting. So....being an old retired skydiver I notice this oddity. Backing up to that point in the ad I paused it and noticed that he had an old release system on the rig he is wearing but can't recall what it was called. Screen shot attached. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  5. Yeah, I seem to remember that from somewhere. That was 40 or so years ago and my knees, hips and legs in general are paying for too many landings like that under the T-bow and a myriad of rounds. It was so nice when I got my Strato Star. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  6. Found this pic from around 1975 and thought I would stick it on here just for fun. My buddy, John Neydon's girlfriend took two pics of me landing my T-bow at completely different times and they both looked like this. A hundred jumps on it and no wonder my knees ache so much. Never got lost though with that big yellow arrow pointing the way. In case anyone out there remembers our little dz, it was in Sturgis, Michigan. EDITED TO ADD: Turned around and found the other pic. (attached) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  7. My first sqare jump. Around 1978. Red and black with slider. Bought from Dave Kinney who some Rainbow flyers may remember. Landed first jump in the peas standing up at Austin Lake airport near Kalamazoo Michigan. I was in heaven. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  8. I loved the late 70's. Started in 72. Made around 100 jumps on my Thunderbow before my first square jump. Landed that Red and Black StratoStar in the peas at Austin Lake airport outside of Kalamazoo. The wooden toggles from my T-bow hang from the ceiling fan in our bedroom. Remember it all every time I look up at them. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  9. How about Great Lakes Skydiving run by Dennis Johnson in Gobles, Mi. Councilman24 (Terry) can surely add to this and possibly supply some pics. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  10. At our little dz in Sturgis, Mi in the 70's we had a local tradition to pass a bottle of cheap champagne in freefall at each 100 jump mark. Don't recall any being dropped though. Used to open it under canopy. Only had about half a bottle left after opening it. Shouldn't this be moved to history and trivia? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  11. Cool Larry boy. Hope to get to Midwest and see everybody this summer. Retired from jumping due to heart attack. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  12. Terry - Wasn't Dave Kinney an alternate at some point? Don't think so in 73 but I remember he was around in 74 or 75 when they were practicing at that little grass strip near Athens, Mi. They had a video camera with a HUGE lense mounted in a gun turret on a trailer to video them from the ground. It was quite a feat to keep the camera centered on them. They were flying a DC-3 out of that little strip. I seem to remember the pilot saying something about bouncing it into the air on a small hill at the end of the runway. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  13. Spread out my measly 500 jumps over 5 decades. 28 footers and t-10's, Thunderbow (imagine that), borrowed pc's, Strato Star, couple of Clouds, PD260, Silhouette 230, Pulse 260. What can I say? I liked to play with the gear as much as jumping it. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  14. I didn’t quit being a skydiver, I just quit jumping out of airplanes. I started in 1974. Fell in love with it that weekend. Paid a whole $99 for my first ten jumps. If anyone knows Norm Johnson he’s the guy that talked me into it on the way to softball practice one evening in Sturgis, Michigan. I loved the planes, the gear and the crazy friends I made. Got married two months later to someone I loved more than skydiving. Kept jumping. Raised four great kids. Jumped very sporadically during those years. Track meets, tennis matches, soccer games, little league. Loved it all. Had some pretty good years jumping after they left home. Now come the grandkids. Up to thirteen and hopefully still counting. Then last June at 60 years old my arms ached so bad I couldn’t stand it. A trip to the hospital, two stents later and I have to really think about not jumping out of airplanes anymore. After a lot of thought, prayer and discussions with my wife (who would never ask me to stop because she understands) I decided it was time. There are going to be more sporting events to attend and kids to help grow up. I had to act quickly. Stick an add on for my rig. Sell it to the first decent offer. Put my gear bag and other stuff in the closet because I can’t quite part with it all yet. I only ended up with around 500 jumps in all of those years juggling family and jumping and trying to do both well enough not to screw either up too bad. But that is 500 jumps more than most people on this planet make. But, I am still a skydiver. I look up at every plane that goes over and think, “what a waste of altitude”. I see a 182 or better yet a 180 and wonder it the door has ever been off or how hard it would be to take it off. In fact I have one of those doors in my garage that will soon hang in my basement rec room. Hope I didn't wax too poetic with this but it just came out. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.
  15. A little off topic but does the black hardware present a potential problem when used with black risers? This being the possibility that a misrouted 3 ring or other problem may be missed as there wouldn't be the contrast in color? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.