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  1. Just a guess, Is this the Kathy your looking for https://www.facebook.com/catherine.kloess?hc_location=ufi
  2. I think one of the biggest limiting factors is that most reserves are TSOed at a 250lb out the door weight limit. There are some that are approved at a higher weight limit. The large PD Optimums are one.
  3. Hi gb1, I was not there when the DZ opened. I made my first jump there in 1975. Pete was running the DZ, Chuck was around sometimes. I never met Connie, however I do remember hearing the name, I just don't remember the rest of the story. Then moved to Gregory for awhile. Then back to Salem for a short time and then on to Marine City. I don't know if we ever met as I don't know your name. I was told that the modification was approved. I don't know for sure, that is why I stated "supposedly".
  4. That is the way I remember it as well. After she went in there were of course other reports of near misses due to hard reserve pulls. Also 1976 there was a case of the chest strap breaking on a main deployment. I know this one is true, I was there. She ended up hanging from her knees and was able to get upright and stay in the harness. The chest strap had been altered by the young lady jumping it, although the change was supposedly approved by the manufacturer. She was a jump shack employee as I recall.
  5. The tunnel is open and OK. The problem is getting there, depending on where you are coming from.
  6. Safety Never! http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/08/22/florida-motorcyclist-seen-leaning-back-using-feet-to-steer-vehicle-on-interstate.html
  7. I worked with Sandy Grillet. I would recommend him. He was great to work with.
  8. It looks like Andrews SC is right in the path. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/dropzone/jump.cgi?ID=1955
  9. I think Start Skydiving in Ohio is worth looking into. http://www.dropzone.com/dropzone/Detailed/1310.shtml
  10. We all knew Scotty (RIP) back in the old days. He was a legend.
  11. I loved that show. His partner Illya Kuryakin is still acting as Ducky on NCIS.
  12. Why don't you ask PD? They let people demo them all the time.
  13. Could be "spoofing" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_spoofing I have had it appen to me.
  14. I saw the picture Larry. Looks great.