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  1. I think it's impossible to book more than 1 jump for your first time.
  2. I've always had good results by diving straight out the door, perpendicular to the flight path. Head turned toward the base, left arm pointed straight toward the base, body presented to the relative wind while looking over the left shoulder, right arm swept back, both legs folded back to my butt. Begin unfolding legs and sweeping the left arm back while transitioning from exit config to a full dive while on the hill. Keep looking at the base and other traffic. Tall, spindly, skinny build. So, personal experience, neither toward the nose or the tail. Worked for me.
  3. For anyone interested in this -- The Lakeland, FL Ledger has published a story beginning on Sunday's (9/24/17) front page and continuing on two full inside pages. To be continued in Monday's paper. 50th anniversary of the events. I think it's an interesting read, but not sure how it rates the front page.
  4. muff528

    Jumping All Fifty States

    Just saw on FB a day or two ago. ..Lew Sanborn now has 50 states and 68 years of jumping. Congrats!
  5. Mr. Douglas, and Wiki says the green one is on display at a warbird museum in Titusville, FL. So that would be "TICO Belle". Not familiar with that one.
  6. Try to think in terms of pulling the bag around the folded canopy rather than trying to put the canopy into the bag. Hardest part is controlling your pack job with one hand! ...but, you'll get it.
  7. Or worse accidental deployment on the highway at 80+ mph on the way to the DZ.
  8. Ha! Same here! I rode up to Zhills with my brother and a few other friends who were going to do tandems. I was just going to watch. Ended up doing one myself.
  9. muff528


  10. muff528


    The names were derived from an actual "van" that existed at that time, where folks would occasionally take a "break" from the day's activities.
  11. muff528


    Not being critical ...just providing possible corrections to the archive which you are creating.
  12. muff528


    Thanks (belatedly). Site has been updated. Pretty sure that 1992 winner should be "Son of Van Break" rather than "Son of Dan Break". Also, I believe that the 1993 winner (listed as "The Muff Brothers") had "Van Break" as part of the team name. The Muff Bros. team of 1994, of which I was a proud member, was named "Duh! Van Break". During the competition that year, we exited just after "XTZ" a couple of times. Awesome watching them launch a linked, no-show 10-way, and then looking out the door at a perfect star going away.
  13. muff528

    Nick Benigni

    The accident was not in Zhills. The track is between SR 39 and a small DZ just south of Blackwater Creek, a few miles south of Zephyrhills. Hillsborough County rather than Pasco.
  14. I still think of "FS" as being Freestyle... "Hey man, want to do some FS with us?" "No thanks, that weird stuff is for the new kids." (Quizzical looks...) Haha! +1 - When I think of FS, I always get the mental picture of Mark, Brian and Robert at Zhills in those silly-looking, lime green and magenta sit-suits.