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  1. I've always had good results by diving straight out the door, perpendicular to the flight path. Head turned toward the base, left arm pointed straight toward the base, body presented to the relative wind while looking over the left shoulder, right arm swept back, both legs folded back to my butt. Begin unfolding legs and sweeping the left arm back while transitioning from exit config to a full dive while on the hill. Keep looking at the base and other traffic. Tall, spindly, skinny build. So, personal experience, neither toward the nose or the tail. Worked for me.
  2. muff528

    Plane crashes

    Wow! Quickly counted 11 aircraft-related incidents on the first page alone! The next time some clueless whuffo brings up that tired old "perfectly good airplane" meme, you can show them that!
  3. muff528

    Ariel from Flight Concepts

    I've got 2-300 jumps on a 135. Basically a Sabre copy. Mine had a few hundred jumps on it when I got it. Quirky, unpredictable openings, but flew and landed OK. Might have been a little out of trim. Does that one have a Flight Concepts data panel? I thought they pre-dated Flight Concepts. I'm pretty sure mine is Glide-Path (without actually digging it out and looking at it).
  4. Probably from someone who doesn't know anything about airplanes.
  5. muff528

    <----Team DumbAss w/ some video

    Good stuff, Pookie! Landings probably look worse than they really are, ..I hope!
  6. You forgot: [ ] ...join a long list of people, probably including everyone else on that dive, who have previous experience doing the same thing.
  7. muff528

    Why is it that......

    After the skydiving conversation at the party do they all seem to smile and graciously excuse themselves and begin avoiding you at the party and gather into small groups that glance over at you and point?
  8. muff528

    Cell phones and skydiving

    You're probably scaring the hell out of it.