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  1. And yet . . . do not be surprised if this is our future as well. ETA: I want everyone to understand I don't believe that if anything like that ever came to pass in the US it would probably not be the direct result of any current figure in particular, but simply that the snowball of events of the last 12 or so years has made it possible. In particular the Patriot Act which opened up an entire can of worms and created a bureaucracy which is now so institutionalized it's nearly a miracle it hasn't already happened. This country is ripe for abuse. If it happens, it has the potential to make McCarthy look like a Girl Scout. They are doing far worse than McCarthy. Rendition, spying on citizens, firing whistleblowers etc.
  2. From the article: "Another early review summarized 23 articles published before 2000 that, together, described 615 offspring of lesbian mothers and gay fathers and 387 controls" And: "Using data obtained in a large US population-based survey, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, the 44 adolescents who reported being raised by 2 women in a “marriage-like” family arrangement were compared with a random sample of 44 adolescents raised by heterosexual parents." AND, "Thirty-nine lesbian mother families were compared with 74 two-parent heterosexual families and 60 families headed by single heterosexual mothers.
  3. Google search indicated he formerly worked at TSA. Unconfirmed. https://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Ciancia/100007008666451
  4. You almost have to laugh at people.... The fat lady said: I don't know how I'm going to feed my kids without the food stamps. Well maybe now she can lose a little weight by giving food she was going to eat to her kids. The man said: I couldn't even buy any halloween candy for my kids because I couldn't afford it without food stamps. I guess his kid didn't go trick or treating. That way, they could have gotten free candy. Bla Bla Bla. Your fat, you are dumb, you don't need food stamps. GOOD BYE FOOD STAMPS. Horrah!


    Early results show most want Medicare, not a plan they need to pay for. Gold, Silver and Platinum plan inducement must not have been enough to attract people who have any money to buy insurance. We're basically left with an expanding Medicare which will cost the gov't billions. No problem. Billions are like what millions use to be.
  6. OBAMA... http://washingtonexaminer.com/taxes-rising-faster-under-obama-than-under-any-other-president/article/2533976
  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics has published some pretty extensive research. http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/131/4/e1374.full#sec-6 The study is based on sketchy data where results were determined. Let's double the amount of lesbian couples to equal the amount of hetrosexual couples in asking questions then draw conclusions. The speaker in the video was well spoken but scary. Was Paul Ryan the dad? OBTW.... I guess he got to know his bio father as he learned of his bio sister... so he's not too far removed from knowing his biological parents. It is not known his relationship with the other woman....he may not be as close to her as he is with his mother.
  8. H. Hefner must know something about women, as I don't think he leaves the house and there is an apparent abundant supply of women for the last 50 years. Not only for him, but his buddies too.
  9. Bill wants back in Monica. Too old now. Many more young ones in DC... plus when Hill is President and in the Oval office getting all the attention, Billy will be... well... in the Basement... etc...
  10. OMG. Could be a race between Michelle and Hillary as if either were elected as President, both their spouses would be "back in the White House," a first in American Politic's. You know Bill wants back in...
  11. Trolling isn't a point of view, and there are explicit rules against it or blatantly sexist remarks. Drop him and the signal to noise ratio here increases instantly. I'd settle for the ignore user functionality common to many forum software. How about a rephrase. The people responsible for managing the website, building the website, don't have a clue about building websites. Even though I referred to them as women, which they are indeed women, as much as Hillary Clinton is a woman, (not that she has anything to do with Healthcare.gov), I could have been mistaken. Consequently: lets just say THE PEOPLE responsible for the website don't have a clue. It was recently reported in the press the Congressional Woman Caucus aided in ending the government shutdown. They were all women. In this instance, THE WOMEN did a fine job. Regarding the website, THE PEOPLE don't have a clue. Hope these words meet your approval.
  12. Really? Then why are so many people going to the website? Normal law abiding working tax payer with insurance and with Internet access are going to the domain to see the FAIL. Reason: WOMEN. The contractors, the gov't. Women are screwing it up as they don't have a clue. Wait till Hillary is Pres... Please rename the ACA as: NACA. Non affordable healthcare act as many are now losing their health care insurance due to costs, which is creating a new class of uninsured,
  13. CNN LIve via Sebelius testomony-- She mentioned many people don't even have access to the internet that they can sign up via other means. Why in the hell did the US spend money on a website anyway, when nearly all the people who want Obamacare don't even have access to the Internet? This is much like handing out cans of free food without the recipients having a can openers.
  14. Insurance firms were salivating upon the thought of Obamacare. Major insurance firms announced long ago they'd have to raise rates 25% to handle complying with the law.


    Hold the phone. The Latino (illegals) healthcare website is in the works. For now, just call.