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  1. BPA membership is mainly insurance. Not sure if your German equivalent will cover you as well but if it doesn't include insurance then BPA is probably required. The club may also charge a membership fee.
  2. CornishChris

    Castellon de la Plana or Empuriabrava

    Empuria any day of the week and twice on Saturdays. Been to both and still not jumped at Castellon as it has been shut every time...
  3. CornishChris

    AFF Video

    Good job! Someone may want to talk to the guy out before you about exit separation though...
  4. CornishChris

    Does the fear ever go away?

    It subsides after about 25 jumps or so but, for me, it has never gone completely. Often it is overtaken by performance fear - will I do OK on this jump?, will I remember the points? Etc.
  5. CornishChris

    Best skydive ever!

    Well done. Try and keep it in perspective.
  6. Hey. Landings vary enormously depending on canopy type, landing style and wind level. It is possible to have 'tip-toe' landings on every jump if you are a good canopy pilot however I would expect that almost every single skydiver out there has had a few landings that have been hard, especially when learning. There is a lot to think about when you are a new jumper and until you are dialled in to the idiosyncrasies of your canopy you are likely to misjudge a few landings. This is one reason why newer jumpers start on large, lightly loaded canopies that are more forgiving. It really is up to you. If you can't jump from, for example, 3 feet up without risk of hurting yourself then I would think again. Just my view of course...
  7. CornishChris

    Should I be scared???

    It's not brave if you're not scared. Everyone is scared at the start. Only you can decide if you want to do it or not and the fear does subside with time although a little bit of fear keeps you on the ball.
  8. CornishChris

    Skydive Castellon

    It is pretty hard to rate a DZ that you haven't even jumped at. I picked a location in Spain for a holiday close to a different DZ from my usual haunt (Empuria). They seemingly jumped every day. I e-mailed them a few times to ask about some Free Fly coaching and got no response. Eventually I got an e-mail just before I left saying they were jumping on the Thursday and Friday that week. I rocked up at just before nine on the Thursday. Firstly it was hard to work out where to go as there was not a sign in sight. Nor was there a single person or even any aircraft that I could see. I wandered around for about 15 minutes and eventually bumped into two guys. They were friendly enough when I approached them - I asked if they were jumping and they said 'at the weekend' - I said, what about the students you were meant to have today and got a simple shrug. I then left somewhat downhearted. All in all a major disappointment to not even get a single jump in (Saturday it rained and so I didn't even bother). I wouldn't mind if I hadn't expected more. The location would be awesome to jump with beach landings but as I will never return I will never get to see it from the air. Just goes to show that you really can't beat Empuria Brava for your fully rounded skydiving experience...
  9. CornishChris

    France weekday jumping

    Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?
  10. CornishChris

    Empuria Brava question

    Try Maurici Park
  11. CornishChris

    "just cut 50cms out from the lines, its flying better"

    Let us know how that goes...
  12. CornishChris

    Almost plane strike Blimey.
  13. CornishChris

    Size of Main vs. Reserve

    In my limited experience what the rig is made with will vary from what it ends up with a few years down the line. I had a 170 main and a 160 reserve. Now I have a 150 main and a 160 reserve as I have downsized mains but not container. I wouldn't get too twisted up in it except that when choosing a rig ensure you are happy flying a higher loaded reserve (if it is smaller), as well as considering the main. When I got my first rig one I was looking at had a 190 main and a 160 reserve but I wasn't happy with the 160 so I shopped around. And of course - speak to instructors and ignore everything I say.
  14. In the UK they quite often do. You must remember we had the purported 'murder' last year and there have been a number of other incidents that have been suspicious so I think it helps if the police do state that they believe it is not. Blue Skies and condolences to all involved.