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  1. LisaH

    Elsinore 3/6/10

    Tomorrow is Safety Day at Elsinore.
  2. I would gladly give you a ride, but I will already be there. Leave on Friday and I can help you.
  3. LisaH

    Scotty Stonebraker

    RIP Scotty.
  4. LisaH

    sin city peeps

    Ok, I'll come out. Just for you.
  5. LisaH

    I'm new here

    Get the video of your first jump! Definitely! You'll be glad you did.
  6. LisaH

    DZ - Lompoc, Taft, Hollister, CA

    I'm in So Cal and have been to Lompoc, Perris and California City. I chose Cal City to do my AFF. They are dedicated to education and safety and the atmosphere and facilities rock! Lompoc is where I have spent many hours waiting to jump. Spent the night, and still didn't jump. The view is awesome if you can get up into the sky.