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  1. Popped in to write on Lisa H blue sky thread. I haven't jumped since my daughter was born (2008) I miss it. Since then, i started and finished an apprenticeship with the ibew. Have two children, and go to church regularly. Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Sad news. . One memory from chicks rock bunk house, i can never share with anyone... oh man, . . Bsbd Lisa :(
  3. a stunt gone bad. CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  4. I'm curious, where do you stand on doctors refusing to see patients whose parents refused to get them the measles vaccine? CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  5. I'd like to make the claim that it was a money issue. I wasn't making much, if any, and maintaining my reserve/jump tickets was getting pricey. But that is not what really caused me to 'cutaway' I made a couple jumps while my wife was pregnant with my firstborn. I put a picture of the ultrasound in my jumpsuit pocket and went up for a currency jump. (just to keep current) I kept thinking about my unborn child, and my girlfriend (now wife) during the jump. And that is what did me in. I quickly realized, that my mind shifting to them, would eventually get me killed, instead of save my life. I knew that, in an emergency situation, I would be thinking about them, instead of focusing those few seconds getting a good canopy over my head. I knew that I would be a danger to myself, and to those around me. I decided to no longer jump. I spent years looking at the sky, missing it, dreaming about it when I would hear a plane fly by. I would ache, when work would put me on or next to an airport (still to this day) As work because scarce, I slowly sold off my gear to keep a roof over our heads. (hardest thing I have ever done, and still haven't let go of my jumpsuit, helmet, and altimeter) My wife encouraged me not to quit. But I look at my family, and I know, that it was the right decision for me. The sky will be there, the gear will improve, and prices will rise, but when my children are grown, I just may go back. If Jim Hickey can start at 62 and excel, then I can too. I miss it, and dream about it, but would not do it any differently if I had the chance to go back in time. CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  6. If the woman has full choice to decide she does not want anything to do with child, including killing it, without the father having a choice. Then the sperm donor should be able to terminate the child as well, in the form of waiving his parental rights. there is so much talk about equal rights for this, equal rights for that, but then, talk about abortions and father rights, and men don't have any. where is our equality? CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  7. I have no words... CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  8. I started taking it, but just couldn't finish. You should consider re-writing your answers in a fashion that sounds more professional. Maybe allow a middle ground. Why do I have to be one extreme or the other? example: 22. A. I would like to socialise with homosexuals (men or women) B. I tend stay away from anyone I suspect of being “gay or lesbian” So, what, since I don't actively go out of my way to socialize with homosexuals, that means that the only other logical answer would be I stay clear of anyone I suspect of being homosextu.... errr, I mean, gay or lesbian. really? I'm not even sure how you wrote this, and expect anyone to take it seriously CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  9. did something to my registry, first time around I had to restore my pc. second time around, I just have access issues. I wish I never did the update CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  10. I don't think had room for any more Jews. .. The sponsors will start pulling their ads CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  11. Thank you for your thoughts. Here is my issue with the guys and kissing. I live in Orange county, which is right down the road from los Angeles where a lot of sexual abuse scandals have been in the need lately. This teacher kissing my child I'd teaching her that it is ok, and normal for that type of behavior. My concern I'd that with it "normal behavior" it now allows a sexual predator teacher to more easily truck her into abusing her, because it is what she is used to, and "that's what teachers do" My other issue, I have to find out what the schools policy is I'd two students are seen kissing, most likely out is zero tolerance and would result in a visit to the office and a detention or suspension. Mixed messages by this. Third, I teach my daughter that the only people allowed to kiss her are mommy, daddy, and close family and friends, not anyone else. CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  12. My daughter had her first day of kindergarten today, and I need some thoughts and advise on a couple things that came up 1. The teacher told us that she kisses the kids on the forehead and hugs them. My daughter said this did happen. Your thoughts please 2. At recess they blew a whistle and the kids are to stop to their knees and put their hands on top of their head and wait. Then the whistle blows two times and they go line up. Your thoughtd are greatly appreciated it's public school CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  13. I love it.. Now, what is the fed penalty for destroying government property? Also, don't those things fly like totally super high like in the sky? Totally. What a grand way to get more money out of the people CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  14. i thought guns were banned in london? CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720
  15. and this is why we are handing the keys over to russia. CLICK HERE! new blog posted 9/21/08 CSA #720