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  1. shermanator

    FAG - Fashion Aware Gravitists

    my gear was new and shiny when I purchased it, but is no longer in that same condition, can I still be a member?
  2. just google 'skyride scam'
  3. shermanator

    Signaling .....

    I use my turn signal when I can. California traffic, sometimes, you just ave to GO, or they'll never let you over.
  4. shermanator

    Extra brake line on a PD143R?

    I'm no rigger, but I sure wouldn't want to see that flapping around above/behind me after I just dealt with a malfunction.
  5. shermanator

    neptunes vibrating?

    I think you accidentally tied your cell phone to your wrist. so, guess that means stop sniffing the glue! I don't think the neptune even has anything in it that could cause it to vibrate? I feel phantom vibrating too, on my leg, near the pocket where I keep my cell phone, I feel it vibrate, even when the phone is not there. It is creepy!
  6. shermanator

    Skydiving camaraderie at the DZ?

    top right hand corner is a search function.. type in "beer rules"
  7. shermanator

    "Student Status"

    though I am not an instructor, I agree. I get confused when i hear someone say they are off student status, then find out they only have 13 jumps or so. I have 300+ jumps, and I am still a student, but that is a different interpretation, and not the one you are going for*
  8. shermanator

    Jumpsuit question

    almost looks like a deepseed. but i really don't know
  9. shermanator

    Would you be comfortable with this?

    If your not comfortable, then don't do it. Has the instructor that wants to downsize seen you land on any of your previous 4 jumps? Talk to him/her about whey they feel you are ready to downsize to the 190. If it makes you feel more comfortable, talk to the instructors that took you up , on the previous jumps as well. Good luck.
  10. shermanator

    Performance Designs

    perhaps it is the dropzone you jump at, the region... different regions seem to favor different gear. . PD, has it's name out there, it's been there for a while, and it is proven. Not to mention that they continually strive to improve their products. now, after saying that.. I only have a PDR, my main is Icarus, so don't think I say that only because I use PD.
  11. shermanator

    Is it warm enough anywhere this weekend?

    I'm glad I'm in california!
  12. shermanator

    Tornado At Perris

    i heard there was one at elsinore last sunday. that some scary shinanigans i tell ya! .. I live in cali for my earthquakes, i don't need/want this tornadoe junk
  13. shermanator

    “Talk to your instructors”

    well stated, and very good point. . I sometimes advise it, because I know that i am not qualified to answer the questions being asked, and I have learned from my role models that the instructers are the best people in those situations to talk to. Thanks AFFI, you are actually one of my role models, even though I have never met you, or even talked to you, I find your post enlightening and helpful to my own learning.
  14. shermanator

    canopy size and jumps

    I think more importantly what you are looking for, is wing loading.. so what canopy size, jump numbers, and what the wing loading is.. 169 safire2 302 jumps my wingloading is 1.12 but don't judge what you should be on by what others are on. it is what is best for YOU, and what is safest for YOU that is important.
  15. shermanator

    Riggers in Los Angeles

    both elsinore and perris skydiving centers have on site riggers available. there are some others as well, but I don't have contacts for Ralph or others i know. edit: StayHigh is working on getting his riggers ticket, I'm sure that he will do it for you.