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  1. Jbag

    colugo 2

    Do you live in washington? (i ask b/c of your profile pic)
  2. Jbag

    Turn dbag

    with my old Mirage G4 i would do this everytime. I had much smoother deployments. with my new rig, a mirage G3, i rotate the bag so that it fits the shape of the container better. There are no problems with not rotating, in fact, i like the fact that you're not rotating your lines over other lines. YMMV
  3. Jbag


    id almost say you need a couple magnets per leg depending on the size of the wing. there is a lot of force on them when you are flying under the canopy, it may start to slip off in flight
  4. Jbag

    Happy Phoenix-Fly customer!

    who the fuck calls it a "pilot parachute?"
  5. Jbag

    early aura impressions.

    yeah, if that could be written a bit more logically and in some sort of format, that would be greattttt.
  6. I will start it off... I think 100 jumps is a good basis for when you are no longer thinking about what you are doing and finally just working on the fine adjustments. you have no problem exiting, you are no longer thinking about the exit. you are comfortable in the suit from exit to landing. you have already flown above the tail in an otter. do another 50-100 and you are getting experienced and really learning how to fly it, know where you will be, how to setup to get on someone in different flight modes. discuss.
  7. Jbag

    Liquid eyewear

    i wish i never bought mine lol, same thing as gatorz, but gatorz fold
  8. Jbag

    board skydiving

  9. lol, i love how no US teams have entered yet :P....sorry, we like to flock with our knees bent here, we arent going to enter :P
  10. Jbag

    Wingsuit Cliff Rope Jump

    the first 30seconds of black was my favorite :)
  11. Jbag

    Pull-out PC

    Don't fly a wingsuit
  12. Jbag


    i would say at least 4 broken hips!
  13. Jbag

    Belly-to-Belly Backflips

    not exactly belly to belly but same principle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq11K52lZ8o
  14. Jbag

    Small but effective trick

    and he had fresh breath!