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  1. you're not friends until you borrow their undies. IHYD
  2. I've flown small and large suits, if you are a proficient flyer you can fly any large suit with any small suit. The Freak is a really good skydiving suit and able to do what the OP is asking for. IHYD
  3. This is why we can't have nice things. IHYD
  4. you mean Squirrel. plenty of boogies out there, every year on christmas. check it out, the local mountain skydivers are very religious and would love you bringing a bible. IHYD
  5. Hey, Melsinore was there too! I'm not even sure if she ever put on a wingsuit again. The golden days of Elsinore were awesome. you'll always be greedy! :) IHYD
  6. Vskydiver, due to her lupus problems, actually has the handicap parking pass. When she got it, she was told 3-4 times "Take it down when you drive." The tag itself says "Remove it before driving." Yet what do you see everywhere on the road, day and night? People driving all over with those tags hanging down, blocking part of their vision. I just want to holler "It's a parking pass, not a driving pass!" That is why I dont drive with it hanging! IHYD
  7. hopefully the pilot is aware that some AADs might be active and slows his decent around 1500'. IHYD
  8. I'll show up with some spectre love. Been flying a specter 135 and have had good consistent openings. The landings have been nothing but great! IHYD
  9. Hmm... what happened to "the best pilot won" ? Wasn't it a hybrid Aura and not a C2 anyway? That means you can call it either!!! Best pilot for sure but will you completely ignore the suit flown? IHYD
  10. It was a colugo 2 that won the red bull aces event, bam! C2 is better than the scorpion. The aura can dive and play with a vampire doing it's steep flight any day, it's just not designed for it and may take a bit more tweaking body position at those angles but even a decent pilot can pull it off. The aura can also be flown dirty enough to hang out with p3s by an average pilot. The c2 vs the aura, the c2 is much faster and more agile and can back fly. The c2 is great for skydiving but the aura still has faster starts in the base environment. The big take away from this is to go fly both and see what you like to fly. Maybe Tony is more intuitive for you or maybe you taste the kool-aid and enjoy the squirrel more. IHYD
  11. Jbag

    Venom DOM

    Buy Squirrel. IHYD
  12. Buy it, it says BASE jumping on it. It must be good. IHYD
  13. Phoenix-Fly really has made it a long way! IHYD
  14. even if you can't hear them they have ones that you can connect a light to, think hype eye (Trunk from Az) to give you a visual alarm. I use a G3 and have good vision all around. IHYD
  15. I've opened and had to dig my cutaway out of my suit, I dug it out before releasing my brakes and had no problems but have seen it happen. It was happening on my Aura with the older bungee setup. IHYD
  16. Knowing that this is an issue, one of my first checks after deployment and BEFORE i pop my brakes, I am checking my reserve handles. I use the loop and button system in the Squirrel suit and I haven't had many problems, when I have it was early enough and easy enough to fix. reason I do this BEFORE i release my brakes is b/c of an incident at elsinore a few years back where the skydiver came back from a long spot with brakes set and around a grand he released them into a tension knot without enough time to cut. his chest strap was already opened so it put his handles in a new place. hope someone finds this useful, my $.02 IHYD
  17. Looking forward to seeing some of these events come to fruition Scotty! IHYD
  18. Jbag

    colugo 2

    Do you live in washington? (i ask b/c of your profile pic) IHYD
  19. Birdman has the best suits around. you just dont know it yet. IHYD
  20. Jbag

    Turn dbag

    with my old Mirage G4 i would do this everytime. I had much smoother deployments. with my new rig, a mirage G3, i rotate the bag so that it fits the shape of the container better. There are no problems with not rotating, in fact, i like the fact that you're not rotating your lines over other lines. YMMV IHYD
  21. "Cleared to buy a Squirrel Aura." would work just the same :) IHYD
  22. Probably not a James Bond film, however it could be the remake of Point Break. It started filming this month and Italy is one of the locations where they are planning to film. They are using actual extreme athletes to perform the stunts, so it could have been a scene with some of the wingsuit flyers filming a scene. what the hell is an "Actual Extreme Athlete?" IHYD
  23. sabre 150 with Aura at 1.4...definitely a positive opening but not hard. went to a spectre 135 and i dont think i will want to go back. IHYD
  24. have you thought of downsizing ;) IHYD
  25. If I was buying right now, today, with as much knowledge as you have...I would go with the Funk due to the SHORT lead times and amazing CS! IHYD