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  1. thanks dude, that is pretty fucking cool....i'd give them point for cameraman creativity :) IHYD
  2. can't find the vid, is someone able to direct link it? IHYD
  3. damn flower children, this is why i get scolded anytime i try to have fun jumping out of the plane! =D b/c of you OLD people! IHYD
  4. Jbag


    wait, so do you need a motorcycle license to ride it? i wouldnt think so b/c its a 3-wheeled car without a top. IHYD
  5. do what i did, go to a friends house and make him cook you up a steak :) IHYD
  6. 88 acura legend 96 acura RL 06 Jeep Grand cherokee 05 SV650s (bike) IHYD
  7. talk about lazy!!!! can't even read 338 words, have to watch a fucking 2hr movie instead. jeesuz christ! IHYD
  8. see, the tv knows what they are doing, they got you caring about it enough to post something on a forum ;) IHYD
  9. rocket looks like a cock! IHYD
  10. i'll llet ya know what happens tomorrow, got a bunch of peeps comin over =D IHYD
  11. go for broke and cut a hole out with a knife the size you want it IHYD
  12. lol, that shit is awesome!!!!! IHYD
  13. Jbag

    movie quotes

    lets see if we can find your boobs in there....its like an easter egg hunt HAHAHAHA IHYD