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  1. Paraclub Beromünster (Skydive Luzern) is the way to go for freefly and canopy piloting, amazing dropzone, great people!
  2. Absolut

    Mono Trackingsuit with elyptic Canopy

    Done it, Massai Tracksuit with Kata 107 at 1.8. Not the smartest idea, openings were quite shitty, but luckily worked out for the 4 testjumps i did. Wouldn't recommend it though.
  3. Absolut

    DC3 Stall

    Quickest way to get all the skydivers out for a big formation ;-) hope they were all alright :-)
  4. Google for balloon companies and ask if they offer one way tickets ;-) no seriously, just text them and ask if you can join on a tourist trip. They normally already pay a shitload of money for that so it should be pretty cheap for you. And many ballooners are very happy to see some skydivers jump too. Just ask :-)
  5. Absolut

    Who can tell me about the Piranha 2 (Intrudair)?

    Hey, i got a Piranha 2. I only got around 30 jumps on it so I don't know how much my advice will help you. Also this is my first wingsuit too. I really like the suit. I mean the price is just great for starters. The build quality is really good, although you do notice some points that are nicer with other "more expensive" models, but that's just details. It was made for me and really fit me well. I like the way it flies, it definately got some power if you learn how to fly it, but the feeling is a little bit different to the phantoms since they got the wings attached to the hips while here the wing comes a little bit more down, giving you the feeling of "sliding" more than cutting the air (very minor), but that's just my impression. I can only recommend this suit as a first wingsuit, especially since you mentioned that you're on a tight budget, if you won't find a used suit this would definately be my go to. But time my advice with caution. Also I'm not sponsored or anything by them ;-) blue skies, hope this helps at least a little
  6. Absolut

    Where can i buy a Freefly tube?

    Ask your rigger or make one yourself :-)
  7. Absolut

    Digital Altimeter

    In general, digital altimeters are not recommended to jumpers with little experience, because you actually have to read the number it shows instead of just looking at the position of the needle on an analog. This means that you need a far better awareness and it might take more time too. I would recommend you to keep using an analog altimeter till you got at least 100+ jumps, preferably more, then get a viso2, that's at least what i'm using and i love it.
  8. what's the story behind this?
  9. Absolut

    Spectre vs Saphire 2

    7 cell vll 9 cell: the safire definately got a better glide due to reduced drag, and because of the icreased speed i find the flare a lot more powerful and easier to stage. definately better landings on the safire, very easy and soft
  10. Absolut

    Semi stowless bag

    Got the semi stowless bag but in a Paratec Next container, jumping a Katana 107 WL close to 2. Works like a charm: definately improved my openings, they are still as soft, but fewer offheading and panorama openings. It is even a little faster to pack and there are only 2 rubbers that can break which is a nice bonus too ;-) would definately recommend it! Can't really see any downside to it if used and sized properly.
  11. Absolut

    pitch habits

    One of the problems I see is that if you don't find your handle immediately and fumble around because of your extended leg wing and collapsed arm wings you will probably end up head down.
  12. The riser covers open as soon as you switch from a belly to earth to a standup position, which is the point after the canopy comes out of the bag and starts to inflate.
  13. Absolut

    NoStoBag by AeroSports???

    Looks like it's a sewn pocket only accessible from the top where you simply push the lines in figure 8 in and afterwards reducing the size of the opening by closing the 2 tuck flaps. Not sure though.
  14. Hi, i think it's actually not so much about creating more drag, that you can just achieve by choosing a bigger sized pc. I think it's more about minimizing the oszillation of the pilotchute during deployment which causes the packjob to rotate, and with that cause offheading deployments. Might be a cool thing to have on high performance canopies where this might be a bigger factor to come into play if the costs of the pc aren't too high. Not too much of a use with bigger canopies in my opinion. If might become a cool gadget, but if there is really need for that is another question. edited to add: wrote an email to squirrel requesting the cad designs, took them 2!!!!! minutes to reply, sick. next time i need a wingsuit i know where to order ;-)
  15. Absolut

    Suggestions for buying gear

    Talk to your instructors