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  1. Paraclub Beromünster (Skydive Luzern) is the way to go for freefly and canopy piloting, amazing dropzone, great people!
  2. Done it, Massai Tracksuit with Kata 107 at 1.8. Not the smartest idea, openings were quite shitty, but luckily worked out for the 4 testjumps i did. Wouldn't recommend it though.
  3. Quickest way to get all the skydivers out for a big formation ;-) hope they were all alright :-)
  4. Google for balloon companies and ask if they offer one way tickets ;-) no seriously, just text them and ask if you can join on a tourist trip. They normally already pay a shitload of money for that so it should be pretty cheap for you. And many ballooners are very happy to see some skydivers jump too. Just ask :-)
  5. Rather have a look at the facebook sale pages, less scams and way more gear. Happy hunting! (like skydiving gear for sale...)
  6. Sounds more like a cutaway due to linetwists and ending up in another linetwist on the reserve which they were able to clear
  7. Hi, jumped the exact same canopy/size with WL 1.9, doing 270s from 750ft. Didn't have an issue and didn't get too close to activation speed, normal cypres should be fine. But yeah, changable mode might be one option to consider.
  8. Can't really tell what is going on but i seriously wouldn't risk shipping the rig until payment is secure. Check with paypal, i would write them a mail.
  9. Hey, i got a Piranha 2. I only got around 30 jumps on it so I don't know how much my advice will help you. Also this is my first wingsuit too. I really like the suit. I mean the price is just great for starters. The build quality is really good, although you do notice some points that are nicer with other "more expensive" models, but that's just details. It was made for me and really fit me well. I like the way it flies, it definately got some power if you learn how to fly it, but the feeling is a little bit different to the phantoms since they got the wings attached to the hips while here the wing comes a little bit more down, giving you the feeling of "sliding" more than cutting the air (very minor), but that's just my impression. I can only recommend this suit as a first wingsuit, especially since you mentioned that you're on a tight budget, if you won't find a used suit this would definately be my go to. But time my advice with caution. Also I'm not sponsored or anything by them ;-) blue skies, hope this helps at least a little
  10. You might find some stuff here: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?forum=21;. Hope this helps
  11. That's why I'm always trying to put words like "usually", "probably", "normally" and "be careful" in my text, so nobody can complain afterwards after shit hits the fan ;-) totally agree with you!
  12. That wouldn't really be possible. Tubes are normally way longer than the canopy at line stretch, so during deployment the canopy usually just bounces against the tube, nothing really happens. Still gotta be careful!
  13. Ask your rigger or make one yourself :-)
  14. That's exactly the problem i have with this device. It's just not worth it. Even if you have a cutaway, chances are pretty high that you will find your canopy as long as it's out of the bag, if not that's the time you wished you had this installed :-) plus i'm still not sure how this thing interacts with your everyday jumping, how about dirt, lying the rig on the ground while packing and applying pressure on the unit and so on. Don't really see it being a thing.