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  1. Perfect, thanks for the help! ZC OG
  2. It's his real leg, it's just the one he pounded in on back in early 2015. This was his first jump back since that injury. Thanks for the input. I've never had Photoshop, so i'll give that a shot. I'll be checking out some of the GP filters as well. ZC OG
  3. I recently upgraded from a GoPro 2 to a GoPro 4 Silver over the winter. With both, I use it as my primary still picture camera, set for a shot every 0.5 seconds. I have noticed that over the past 20-30 jumps that I've jumped the GP4, I get these awful looking "sun spots" in the majority of the pictures I take. See attached. I'm wondering if anyone knows what is causing this and how I can avoid it going forward. I would get these occasionally with my GoPro2, but with the 4 these are in almost every picture the camera takes. Any insight is appreciated.. -Matt ZC OG
  4. Followed Squeak's advice and got the following response from Marty Bowd, figured I would share: Outside: The outside side of the G3 has a matt paste over the paint, so removing scuff marks may not happen when cleaning the outside. Warm water with some dish drops and a cloth will be ok to wipe the outside down. Inside: As for the liner, because the chin section is permanently glued in, this is how to wash inside padding, remove the visor and top and brow piece from Velcro, the top, brow and visor can be washed in warm water in a tub with some dish drops. For the ear section, you don’t have to undo the side screws to remove as its all connected to chin. Peel the ear section away from the Velcro and rotate the whole ears downwards , enough for you to hand wash it in the tub, you can hold helmet in one hand and wash with the other. Allow to dry in the shade and then reassemble back in. -Matt ZC OG
  5. I'm curious to see what the best method is to clean a G3, specifically any product that best to use to buff out light scrapes and scratches without distorting or discoloring the ABS outer shell. I didn't see anything on Cookies site that recommends the best method or product to use. How about the inside liner? I'm assuming I can just throw that in the wash with my dark laundry and air dry. Any insight is appreciated... ZC OG
  6. Anyone know if this has any merit? Seems like quite the over-exaggeration, but you never know.. ZC OG
  7. You can subscribe to updates here, can't wait for opening day! ZC OG
  8. Weekend Kyle, As a Delmarva fun jumper that never really had an issue with you, or your silly beef with the TM in question, I feel like I now need to share my side of the story so that the folks kicked back with some popcorn can keep help everything in perspective. I've been a regular at Delmarva well before your short tenure and of course I know the TM in question well. We went through AFF together in 2008, and over the years have done hundreds of jumps together, we've formed a bond that almost all skydivers can easily relate to. Every skydiver, except you. When you showed up in the spring of 2012, I thought the fact that Dave went out on a limb and invited you to come to our DZ, to learn how to fly video, a testament to his character and very reflective of the overall attitude/vibe here at our DZ, one of open arms. The fact that you've taken your petty beef with said TM this public solidifies what I already knew about you. You're an internet coward. At the DZ, when you weren't shoot sub-par tandem videos, you'd sit in your room, chain smoke cigarettes playing internet tough guy (shocker), trolling internet radio shows, and your pleasure could hardly be contained. To be honest, it was sad. I realize now that this is what you do, it's almost a second profession. While others are out enjoying and living their lives, you sit at your computer and find ways to destroy others. You've had years of practice, haven't you? Seeing the TM in question receive nothing but love and respect from his customers, fellow TM's, DZO and DZM day after day for what ended up being your short tenure here, made you a bitter person and your resentment soon become obvious to all the regular jumpers and instructors. By bringing your childish, ungrateful, uneducated, and pathetic attempts of slander to Skydive Delmarva, Z-Hills, the USPA, Strong, and most importantly to my family and friends, you've outed yourself as one of the biggest douche bags that has ever donned a rig and called yourself a jumper. I take quite a bit of joy in knowing that you'll never work in this industry again. You won't get said TM's rating pulled. You won't negatively effect operations at any DZ, ever. Instead you're blackballed, you've outed yourself, and you'll fade away into obscurity, just a distant memory of a tool that was. To those that quickly saw this situation for what it was, and called a spade a spade, you've proven once again this is the last forum you come to and try to bullshit people. Deuces. -Matt Juliano ZC OG
  9. I mis-intrepreted the article when I read it (I was probably a few BL smoothies deep at that point) that you were working on something better than currently on the market. To your point, "a truly righteous solution would need to be orchestrated to make this a reality..." any hopes that one day you'll find this solution or will that come only once GoPro loosens restrictions on thier proprietary connector, say maybe with the GP4? Thanks Trunk. ZC OG
  10. This was posted by Trunk today on his FB page. Glad to see we'll have a Hypoxic option soon for GP's, love my Hypeye.. ZC OG
  11. Lot's of angle dives here: ZC OG
  12. Flyfast


  13. Do either of these camera support the N1, N2, or N3 blow switches sold by Chuting Star? J1 Interface Tech Specs: USB: Hi-speed USB HDMI output: Type C mini-pin HDMI connector V1 Interface Tech Specs: USB: Hi-speed USB HDMI output: Type C mini-pin HDMI connector Accessory hot shoe used for designated accessories Video output: NTSC/PAL Audio input: Stereo mini-pin jack (3.5mm diameter) ZC OG
  14.,AAAACEcoKmk~,NEELBwW9ZtgEeDH6laRax2nZvD08X5T_&bctid=993290414001 Haha, almost. ZC OG