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  1. Ronhend

    Any knee injury experts here?

    Freaky things can happen! A month ago my 22 yo son was chasing a Frisbee and came down wrong, heard a pop and had lots of pain. Long story short, he had surgery Thursday to repair his ACL. It was not a tear but completely torn in half. 6 months to total recovery! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  2. I flew first gen 747-100 for 4.5 years. Such a great aircraft with lots of personality, glad I was able to fly it. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  3. RopeaDope, I wish I had a LIKE button for your post. Wonderful! ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  4. Ronhend

    DC3 Stall Pretty wild ride! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  5. Ronhend

    Shoulder dislocation I ran across this article and thought it might be useful for guys that have this problem, Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  6. This is a motorcycle event but just proves the value of having a camera. I guess this guy just didn't like the idea of someone passing him on a double yellow line. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  7. Ronhend

    POTUS to attend Ranger graduation.

  8. Ronhend

    Toggles Matter

    Thanks Brian! This is very informative and well written.
  9. Also known as "possum on the half shell"! Nasty critters that will do a job on your yard. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  10. Ronhend

    82 year old skydiver You just gotta love this gal.
  11. Ronhend

    World War II Deaths Really gives some prospective to war history. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  12. You can get a pilots license that is daytime only, no night privileges. Seems like the USPA could do the same for someone who has no desire to jump at night. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  13. Hi, Way back when I was full time flight instructing, I had a couple of students that were prone to motion sickness. The Med's didn't work too well for them either. They both decided to continue. The more time they spent flying the more at ease they became. Pretty soon neither one of them was bothered with motion sickness any longer. So, maybe with a few jumps his problem would get better. Worth a try! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II