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  1. RopeaDope, I wish I had a LIKE button for your post. Wonderful! ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  2. Ronhend

    DC3 Stall Pretty wild ride! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  3. Ronhend

    Shoulder dislocation I ran across this article and thought it might be useful for guys that have this problem, Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  4. Ronhend

    Toggles Matter

    Thanks Brian! This is very informative and well written.
  5. Ronhend

    82 year old skydiver You just gotta love this gal.
  6. You can get a pilots license that is daytime only, no night privileges. Seems like the USPA could do the same for someone who has no desire to jump at night. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  7. Hi, Way back when I was full time flight instructing, I had a couple of students that were prone to motion sickness. The Med's didn't work too well for them either. They both decided to continue. The more time they spent flying the more at ease they became. Pretty soon neither one of them was bothered with motion sickness any longer. So, maybe with a few jumps his problem would get better. Worth a try! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  8. Ronhend

    One of the best

    Very nice ! Just watching the video stirs up the many emotions I have felt being at the DZ. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  9. Hey DEG, Looks like we are in the same boat here. I did 5 S/L jumps and a Hop & Pop in 1977, never got back to it. Now I find myself with the bug again at 60 years old and am going after it. I did a Tandem in Sept and have been to the wind tunnel once. Started Yoga classes this week to get a little more limber. I plan to go to the tunnel a couple more times. Then when the spring weather starts, I plan to start AFF.
  10. Ronhend

    Chernis Collapsible Pilot Chutes

    Thanks Jerry! That's kind of what I thought the case might be. It's been many years since I have seen or talked him. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  11. Ronhend

    Chernis Collapsible Pilot Chutes

    Just curious if anyone has talked Jim Cazer lately, wondering what he's doing these days. Jim was my instructor on my S/L jumps in 1976.
  12. I agree with everything you wrote, it is very informative. Thanks! My comment was about the video. This guy seems like a real tool. Too bad he doesn't do the right thing and step down. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  13. Well, there's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
  14. Really like your page John, lots of neat stuff! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  15. Ronhend

    Jerald Freeman

    Here is an update on . Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  16. Ronhend

    Jerald Freeman I'm posting this just in case some of you guys might have known him. The article says he had worked as a skydiving instructor in the Atlanta area. BSBD Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  17. Ronhend

    This is my resolve.

    Awesome dude! Looks like you're doing great, stay at it.
  18. This was about 1977 or so when I was around 22 years old. I was a member of Birmingham Parachute Assn.(Birmingham, Alabama) I made my 5 static line jumps and a couple of hot & pops there. Now at 60 years of age I find myself interested again, just did a tandem on 9/20. Maybe AFF is in my future, we'll see where it goes from here. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  19. Ronhend

    Reasons to fire your packer

    "A few months back there was a rigger who packed a ladies reserve and then her main. He was in the hanger the next morning with a grin from ear to ear raving about how she was going to have a cutaway "because I packed her main right after her reserve, just watch." Sure as hell, line twists smashed her chin into her tits and she cut away. When she landed he was still in the hangar. "I cant jump anymore today I gotta go make that money" was the first thing he said, at the same time laughing hysterically. That is a jackass I wouldn't hesitate to fire. If she only knew.... " If he did this to me or someone I know, getting fired would be the least of his worries....Unbelievable how stupid he is. Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  20. Ronhend

    Story of Tandem Accident

    Wow! What a great article. I hope it inspires giving to help pay the bills. God bless you guys! Ron ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II
  21. Ronhend

    This is my resolve.

    Where is the like button! Congrats Dan! ATP B-727 B767-757 CFI-II