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  1. I'm curious too. A friend of mine owns a balloon company and uses living social to sell a lot of his rides. I know it has a really bad name (deservingly so) in the skydiving world, so I would like to hear more.
  2. Calvin19

    Freefall Balls

    I empty my balls around 400' on just about every flight. Totally took that thread title a different way.
  3. I had a psychotic girlfriend in 2005. SUPER sexy model type. 5'8", 105lbs, Bcup 32-22-33. Could hold her own in the sac. on our "3 month anniversary" she told me it is ok if I want to leave and hang out with my friends as she had work early the next day. I made a deposit and left. Did the usual array of bandit loads into Folsom field, then 200' high speed runs at the airport, got out low. great times. She dumped me. I accepted and raised her one. Came back the next night drunk and begging. I let her do her best work with her pants on, but of course she ended up leaving. Flying is more fun
  4. Calvin19

    JPX Petra - stability issues?

    did you even watch the video? air gremlin.
  5. Calvin19

    Round and round we go

    Depends largely in the person. G loc is just the point of loss of consciousness. It could be instant or take minutes to happen. A person can GLOC on a navigator 290 if it is spinning for long enough. In a hanging harness, I would assume the maximum even a very healthy and fit expert pilot could take is not more than about four or five Gs for a long period of time. (in a hanging harness). In a reclined and ideal position, WITH a G suit even the best pilots in the world cannot take ~9gs for more than a couple seconds. I know I black out at about five Gs in about two seconds in the airplane I owned a few years ago, and that was in a seated position and prepared for it. I have had only a few spinning malfunctions, on a stiletto 120 I had bad line twists and a bad spin. I cut away. I have had a few twister openings on JVXs, but nothing I could not get out of. I have also done a lot of high-g controlled spinning maneuvers. Keeping your head in the game is the biggest part of it. Of course, on lighter loaded parachute openings, "GLOC" is pretty much never an issue and should not be a worry.
  6. That is a good article. I do not compete or even participate in PG racing or any (legitimate) XC, but some of the controversial statements made in there I agree with. Governing bodies should make decisions and rules based on evidence and thought, not rash PR efforts.
  7. Calvin19

    Paraglider Vs Parachute

    The factors are endless, but in less than technical terms the big things are: Paragliders have: -higher aspect ratio (thinner) (parachute 2-3/1, paraglider 4-13/1 -more surface area (generally) (Parachute 39-300'^2, Paraglider ~170-320'^2) -shallower trim -MUCH better airfoil shape integrity These things and many others make them as efficient in soaring flight as they are. The fabric used on a paraglider is not "less robust", just different. It is a essentially zero stretch sail material, where a parachute uses a semi-flexible material to increase strength on openings. Other differences are harness drag, etc. I could go on.
  8. Calvin19

    Turbine engine failures

    A few reasons, the engines are run 100%, then super cooled idle. Normally a major problem for piston engines, but when 100% for 15 min, then 0% for a fast descent, it wears on even turbine engines. Same thing for shut downs, 20 heat/cool cycles a day are bad for anything. FURTHER, on twin turbine airplanes, there is an asymmetric wear on the motors from jump run, mainly prop governors. not as big of a deal though.
  9. Calvin19


    I kinda feel like there is no need for a skydiving version. weight, simplicity, speed, and glide are not major issues skydiving. In BASE for the most part all systems are similar enough to be inter-changable for similar sized pilots. In skydiving containers and suits and canopies have huge combination possibilities for the pilots. and of course, the R/D involved in building a complete new rig and certifying it.
  10. Calvin19

    Go PRo VS Contour Camera on Mounts

    I have used and product tested both. the contour sucks. Stick with the gopro. I know it looks like a plastic cancerous tumor, but it kicks ass in all ways but the Contour's ease of flipping "record" switch. I mounted mine (Vholdr) with the goggle mount, but I super glued the mount to the helmet and then put ski goggles in place. I saw the ContourHD fall off a friend of mine on a two-way, so I glued mine in. never had a problem with the gopro mounts, but I started to glue them as well. (glue in addition to the 3M adhesive, then pressure clamped and cured overnight.)
  11. Calvin19

    So Brian Germain got me thinking...

    I don't think landing gear is the thing. I think the reason we can't jump smaller canopies effectively is because we have a fixed amount of parasite drag cross section.
  12. Calvin19

    Full face BASE helmet

    paragliding helmets fit all of those criteria. besides that, they are light weight, aerodynamic, and readily available. just get one of those.
  13. Calvin19

    Troll size confusion

    call morpheus. they will explain the best. by far the most knoledgable.
  14. Calvin19

    Hard opening on a go and throw...WTF???

    really good vents and coastal winds?
  15. Calvin19

    jumping from a tree

    has been done. for sure. i dont have a pic, but it has been done. more than once.