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  1. There were several excellent clips of ejection seat parachutes and their pyros to assist in deployment.
  2. I was just trying to be funny. And I agree. Any nuclear exchange would be bad news.
  3. I can't tell if that comment is a nod to the tin foil hat people or a patriotic battle cry.
  4. If you liked this, recommended is "Infinity Chamber", 2017. DAMN good.
  5. Lets pretend this isn't Dimension C137 and they are correct. If it is a NASA conspiracy, I'm fine with living out my life in this epic fantasy of rockets and exploration.
  6. They are not that advanced. And there is a portion of them merely trolling, but its hard to keep up that farce. My guess is 75% of people joining the 'flat earth' groups only do so for the LULz and to laugh at idiocracy(I did), and that 95-99.9% of the media-creating promoters of it believe they are preaching scripture. It's a thrill in 'debate', an illusion of 'knowing' something others don't, fabricating their victimization and projecting it on others while feeling vengeful toward a fabricated boogieman is what gets these people high. They are truly fascinating and an excellent case study in crowd psychology. This is true for everything from the vaxxers, hoaxers, truthers to flat earthers and any conspiracy theory touting idiot privileged enough to have one. It's REALLY easy to win a debate with idiots. Walk away.
  7. Had a chat with some friends who run a dive charter from HNL. They got the warning while out on the water. Hearing about the reactions from locals vs whuffos was interesting I think a vast majority of people don't understand what a nuke is. If it had NOT been an idiot mistake and there was a NK 50kt(generous) party favor inbound, it's not going to vaporize the islands and all humanity for a hundred miles. It's a death sentence for people within certain ranges, but if you're on the opposite side of the island you will be fine. Just don't get the warning and excitedly go LOOK for, with your fragile bubbles of fluid and nerves, the wrath-filled energy of a tiny star. It will be the last thing your eyes see.
  8. I can't say I would take it seriously either, if there is an atmosphere of reminders of the government starting to test warning systems (like there is in Hawaii I gather). -SPACE-
  9. I'm very curious. Is that a common thing in Hawaii? because some people that I know that live there either have absolutely zero trust in such a warning system(now obviously far less useful than it was 24hrs ago), or a complete misunderstanding of what "incoming ballistic missile, take shelter, this is not a drill" means. This is not Pokemon Go. You get that warning, don't go take a selfie. Get. THE FUCK. underground. (now). There is a lot you can do to hide from an incoming nuke. And since it's traveling through space at mach 10, there is no time to question the authenticity of such a system. But now there is a reason to question it. Great.
  10. Wow! And he owned it. Good pilot. Thanks for that share. Risk an ejection or essentially defect to civilian shipping company. Tough one.
  11. This is for sure the takeaway from an event like this. It's for sure stupidity, malice could be an included contributing factor.