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  1. Checked her Facebook friends list... Several Appel's in there, but no Walt. No friends with skydiver-theme profile photos.
  2. He should have paid you, for you letting him video you naked...
  3. Actually I might have jumped with her. People on sailing forums were trying to find out about her background, and found her facebook page -- which showed 2 mutual Friends when I checked it. Huh! Well for gosh sakes, man, share her web address with us!
  4. Step 1: A medal for the policeman. Step 2: Remedial marksmanship training for the policeman.
  5. What did each bulb cost, compared to a conventional incandescent bulb?
  6. Something fishy going on with their story: And, rumor has it that this Jennifer Appel is a former skydiver - does anyone know her? Inquiring minds want to know...
  7. And if it was a conspiracy, with whom did Oswald conspire? Russia? Cuba? Mafia?
  8. I dig those two-riser canopy setups. They apparently have the lines sewn directly to the risers, without connector links - oh my! Why is Superman falling feet-first? He can fly any darned way he wants. I'd by swooping all around the other paratroopers. Oh, and the risk of a freefall/canopy collision looks high.
  10. With the release of the JFK assassination documents, it will fuel speculation once again about conspiracy theories. What do you think?
  11. 1) Floating spider webs. 2) Burning leaves from sugar cane fields being burned down below to clear the stubble for the next planting.
  12. If I could retrieve the fortune I have spent Worrying where it came from not caring where it went I could live the heady lifestyle of Playboy magazine I would see the worldly sights, that still remain unseen. I must amount to thousands I've squandered on the sport The mark of any jumper a balance close to nought But if I had it back in one financial lump I'd go south in the winter and jump and jump and jump. - Skies Call