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  1. Hi, the issue is that they are asking for things that i didnt have such as an invoice or the invoice i paid for the gear. my companies website or URL or anyhting like that. I was not about to ship the rig and still have paypal lock the funds because they throught i was operating as a business without telling them or something. The effect for me is that i would still be out a rig and the money. Luckily the issue is now solved and what did it was calling the US support line. I have been talking to the support line that they provided for me here in the EU, it was somewhere in Ireland. The customer service there was horrible. Impossible to get past the first line support people and generally getting the you now need to wait 48 hrs for a response. They also flat out refused to issue a refund to the guy saying that they didnt have the ability to do that. I called the US support line 3 nights ago because the EU one was closed and told them that I had alot of trouble with their support in EU and all i wanted to do anymore was get the guy his money back and that they could leave my account bloicked or whatever but im done with this whole thing. 30 min with the US support and the issue was resolved, the guy got his money back and my paypal account was unblocked. So now everything is as it should be, I am truely amazed at the service level differences between the EU and US support centers. In case anyone else has this issue the paypal number i got through on was +1 888 221 1161
  2. thanks so far. Maybe some more info is needed. I and the buyer have been talking over gmail for quite a few emails getting things straight before the sale. *he advised that he had made the payment. I logged into my paypal from the browser, no email links so im sure the money is on my account. *I called paypal right away and they have asked me to submit proof of ID again (account is already verified) aswell as utility bill, the email records ect. I spent a good 45 min on the phone with them to no resolution other then submit these documents and wait 48 hrs. From the feel of it its like paypal thinks im the scammer as they are trying to get me to submit everything including a tracking code. I asked them if this was the case and they gave a politically neutral answer. Buyer and i have still been talking and he has offered to call paypal or write them a letter which ive taken him up on. hope this helps. I would think this would also help with any future disputes if there was any. Anyway i will make sure i have the money on my bank account before i start shipping. will keep you posted
  3. Hey all. today i received a paypal payment for a rig that my friend is selling, his english is not the best so he asked me to do all the details for him.. Anyway the buyer and i reached an agreement and he sent the money via paypal. I tried to withdraw it to transfer to my friend and it turns out my paypal account is now under some kind of limitations and they are asking me to provide invoice for the sale (which i dont have cause im not a company) and tracking number information for the rig. this is what raised a flag for me Seeing as i just got the payment ive not had time to send the rig. so what worries me is that now i need to ship it to get the restriction off my account and have access to the money but is it possible that the buyer receives the rig and then complaints that he did not get it or it was not the rig and paypal refunds him the money too? Not sure if this is a thing ,so figured i would check with you all. Thanks!
  4. Being a newb... what is an SOS system?
  5. Been there, done that. I packed a "flip thru" once. I was halfway thru my pack job when some friends wanted to see the video I had shot. When I came back my stuff had been kicked around but it looked okay(ish), so I finished it up. Next jump. . . cutaway from step thru. Hey, a couple of tips on cutaways. 1- Put your feet on your butt and ARCH as you're reaching for the handles. Much better to fall away stable, belly to earth, as your reserve deploys than to fall back to earth with your feet out in front. 2- Wearing a camera? Consider tipping your head way forward as you cutaway to give as much room as possible between your deploying reserve and that snaggy little GoPro. 3- For many years we used ripcords on our main parachutes to deploy them, and we held onto the handles every jump. I've never heard a GOOD reason to automatically throw away either handle when you cutaway. Why not hang onto them?
  6. Your mistake was not packing your own gear. Thank you Caused by me being in a rush to get on the first load ;)
  7. Hi, to me the mistake was the insistence of being on the first load. Generally I like to avoid short calls but thought I had got around that rule by having a friend pack while I ate instead of eating, missing the first load, and then just packing myself. As mentioned a step through should be damned easy to spot during a line check and I think I would have caught it. on the chance that I did not then it would not be another person who packed my mal but myself. TLDR; my mistake was being in a rush
  8. Hello, This Saturday I experienced a very nasty step through that cost me a reserve ride. This happened at the Estonian event Parasummer. The rig in question had been daisy chained and put in the trunk of my car the evening before after a hard days jumping and then in the morning packed by a friend of mine who had arrived earlier as I ate breakfast so we could make the first load. This turned out to be a big mistake. I am usually particular about who packs my ring and this guy has packed for me 10s of times and I for him. He remarked after the jump that he did notice that something seemed funny about how the pilot chute was during the pack job but just pulled it straight and went on. We suspect this is where it came from. Comments on the first Video: 0:22: Already could feel that something was wrong. At first I thought it was line twists and while the camera sees that its not I was focused on the red canopy that is in the left side of the screen and getting ready to kick my way out fast. 0.27: By now I thought I had kicked the twists out and when they didn't come out I checked closed to find that I was in for an extra canopy ride, this is also the time it started to dive 0:30: Reached both handles and took a good grip 0:31: Pulled the cutaway and right after the reserve handle. You can see from the video that the RSL was almost instant, while I've always known that this was the point I was still surprised at how much it beat my pull by. 0:33: Can start to feel the reserve snatch force 0.37: Reserve is flying and the world is again a very beautiful place. 18 sec later is the first time I checked my altimeter and it read 585 meters. According to my protrack I ''deployed at'' 650m, This has to be the reserve open by altitude. After a control check and a well tempered reserve ride I landed without further incident. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/9IG7N Videos: Cinematic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq-Dhsz6HCk Slow Motion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-Rfbv5EU4 Please feel free to use videos or pics for training or whatever really. I hope someone learns from this without having to go through it. GEAR: Harness: Infinity SN-22 Reserve: OP-143 Main: Zulu 112 (awesome canopy by the way) AAD: Vigil 2 (which luckily I've never needed to see in action)
  9. A late friend of mine used to yell '' have a good skydive ladies and gentlemen, check you handles please!'' just before the door was to be opened every time he was on a load. There should be one of him on every load.
  10. As others have hinted to the smaller size canopy you got to the less of an effect the canopies material has on the pack volume. I asked Aerodyne this same question a while back and got that answer. Always best to ask those that make it
  11. Hey thanks for the reply. Ive attached 2 screen shots of what Adobe is cropping out by default for me, I can play with the smoothness scale and it gets a little better but still chops quite alot. what am i doing wrong? i only stabilized the first 20 sec of this jump in the pictures to save time as it takes my PC quite a while. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCUfjiqj-kQ Also here are a few shots of the camera and wifes on my G3 after i moved it back a little. will be trying this configuration this weekend.http://imgur.com/a/8E4dF Thanks!
  12. Yep, hear ya there. nothing but trouble since Hero 2. Before you go Sony check this thread. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4727263;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I choose to keep mine but still some things to consider.
  13. Hi, just got the cam last week and only have 4 jumps on it but wrote down my initial thoughts about it. I didnt put plus and minus as to each his own, these are just one mans observations. * Works, no black videos or freezing, does not melt itself * Has a hold Switch, no more bumping the camera off when getting out of the door * Video quality is awesome * Battery lasts the whole day and does not discharge itself when the camera is off. * Stabilization works great, but the video is a bit ‘’robotic’’ with its movement, you can only really tell if you are looking for it, otherwise it’s awesome, will be filming in this mode primarily * If you plan to film in 4k and then stabilize afterwards keep in mind that without a FIXED point for the stabilization to use it crops 90% of the video out and is unusable. This could just be my knowledge of adobe programs lacking but it cant seem to get it to stabilize and not crop everything. If you know something i do not please fill me in. * Sony advertise the X1000V as being able to record altitude (GPS), I also submitted a support ticket to confirm this. Sony confirmed, but after buying the camera I find that there are no overlays in Sony’s programs to show this data. * If you top mount it’s like having a hand on the top of your helmet. Spotting or having your head sideways to the wind it puts quite a bit of pressure on your neck. Yes my neck was a bit sore from sleeping funny the night before but it was still a strong pressure. Hoping I get used to it. * It cannot tilt without a quite large accessory, you need to get the mount placed right the first time. * i feel the snag hazard is less then a GoPro, but it is still there. * Must be mounted very far back on most helmets to not be looking too far down * The mounts can be popped off with a reasonably low amount of force, i was able to pop the mount off by hand as it was looking too low (see above comment about getting it right the first time) where as GoPro mounts could be used to mend bridges * Menu is about as difficult as a hero 3 to operate except that it returns you to the beginning when you change an option. * NFC pairing works flawlessly for my Android phone and wife's Windows phone. wifi connection is fast and there is almost no lag from camera to phone. Overall a very solid camera with bullet proof software (so far). I will be keeping it because I'm the guy who got the worst GoPro from the batch every time since the Hero 3 came out and got tired of apologizing to Tandem passengers that my camera just filmed black or froze halfway. However, The pull from the wind on the helmet is quite an inconvenience and combined with the low grip of the mount makes me scared that the camera will one day go flying off during a transition in FF for example. If i could buy again i would go with the AZ1 as its far far smaller and has the same capabilities and it seems has the same quality besides the 4k and 120 FPS 1080p. This is just not something i personally need. So far this is it, If i notice something else that warrants posting i will amend feel free to ask any questions. Fly Safe Out There! Jim
  14. I got a Sabre just for WS. I can say that mine does indeed open very well when WS and quite a bit harder when doing a ''normal''' jump. That said once i got someone to show me how to roll the nose into itself the terminal openings are totally fine. Then again i might have just got lucky. My wife got kicked around constantly by a sabre 150 no matter what we did with it (all terminal, no WS jumps recorded) as a side note..... i dont like using the term terminal here, should rather say what.... faster vertical speed jumps? cause in the end once you are out of that plane for 10 sec or so you are at whatever your position/suit/ect terminal is.