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  1. Is that a guess or do you have experience with that issue? I am wondering, as with less fabrik there is less that could be made thinner (ZP->ZPX). Moreover lines and grommets etc stay the same. So the absolute differenzes in pack volume should be greater with bigger canopies, whereas less with small canopies. At leas logical that would make sense... cheers! platein
  2. Micron? Which size? Thanks Platein
  3. Hi! Does a Pilot ZPX pack smaller/alike/larger than a Pulse of the same size? For example: Pilot 150 ZPX vs Pulse 150. Thanks for your patience ;). Cheers Platein
  4. 16% less of what? Cheers Platein cheers! platein
  5. Hi! How many sizes does a Pilot ZPX pack smaller than a Pilot ZP canopy? One size, two sizes,...? Conrete: which Pilot ZP canopy does equal a Pilot 150 ZPX canopy - in terms of pack volume? Pilot 140, Pilot 132,...? Thanks Platein
  6. Pulling it with my right, which i feel comfortable with. However, i have been wearing all my watches on my right - therefore having the altimeter on my left is somehow... unfamiliar. cheers! platein
  7. Hi there! Maybe a stupid question, but: are there some safety related issues wearing the altimeter on the right hand (instead of left)? As for example getting tangled with your bridle or something... I am asking because I have only seen left-hand mounted altimeters so far, however, intuetively I would wear it on my right hand (i also wear watches on my right, even tough I am a righty). Cheers!