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  1. "ill wait til i get my own gear before jumping it."-Me, when passing up the last flight it ever did. IHYD
  2. I get the science of it. My contention isn't about that. It is with the statement that flying closer to the ground creates a bigger margin than flying higher. I don't think the author was really trying to say that all other things being equal flying closer to the terrain is inherently safer, but his description could certainly leave the reader with that impression. the article is written for those that want to get closer to the ground. he is saying start with something steep and get flatter and flatter as you get experience. if you want to fly away from a wall then fly 5mi away from the wall....for safety. IHYD
  3. plot twist, she wanted to see how big he is. IHYD
  4. Jbag


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-IWRmpefzE IHYD
  5. I like your style. i've been using them for the past couple hours but i ended up ripping one last time i was in. was thinking about getting a FF suit or something to fly in the tunnel with. i like your check list of what i should look for. thanks. SQUEAK! i am way better at flying than you! IHYD
  6. its a good thing the pilot waited for the boat to drive out of the storm before setting it down. That would be a different video. IHYD
  7. sounds like skydiving and shooting guns is a go! IHYD
  8. she is probably still banging him. fuck that, she isnt worth shit and its time to cut your losses. it will be hard on the kids but you cant live like that. you will be mad for the rest of your life. for self respect kick her to the curb. IHYD
  9. i know its best to have specialized gear to suit your needs...but before tunnel suits started getting made, did you use your sky suit? IHYD
  10. since you're off the list of datable women, who do you have as your stand in? IHYD
  11. good thing for the gopro remote turning them all on at the same time! IHYD
  12. You have a mission... IHYD
  13. probably bought it brand new and spent all their money on jump tickets. IHYD
  14. for posperity ENTJ Extravert(78%) iNtuitive(25%) Thinking(12%) Judging(22%) You have strong preference of Extraversion over Introversion (78%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (25%) You have slight preference of Thinking over Feeling (12%) You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (22%) IHYD
  15. just to give you some more information. hte sabre 2 is used at many dropzones for first jump courses. its a solid canopy and i flew one for many jumps. Pulse just seems so....Vanilla. IHYD
  16. just like the picture, on my wrist. i push it fwd and it sits outside of the sleeve. i just rotate my wrist forward and look at it. IHYD
  17. i think its dumb yeah. my progression was 20 or so on a tony suit intro and a birdman GTI(intro suit?) 150 on my P2, 100 on my V3. had a few more BASE jumps on the P2 and V3 that im not including in my numbers. I think i may have skipped a step before going to the Aura but i'm happy i had the experience on all the other platforms, some sort of larger tony suit would have made it a smoother transition but i really had no problems going from the V3 to the Aura. i think what helped me was the experience on a wide variety of suits and learning how to fly each one of those. It gave me a good basis of how to learn to fly the Aura. I'm no where near where i want to be before i BASE it though. What kind of scary situations have you put yourself into with the p3? IHYD
  18. I would recommend using one when you arent really using a normal alti. when you can use spatial reference points to see how high up you are. dont rely on this unit. Saying that, i like mine a lot. i've used for a little bit now with no problem. i did return the white on black tactical version b/c i could not read that for shit while skydiving. i even use mine for wingsuiting IHYD
  19. also try the havok. at this point it would benefit you to try out all the suits you can. IHYD
  20. that would have been better timing but not doing a sky diving trip. just getting a day in while im down there IHYD