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  1. you gotta elaborate! IHYD
  2. I'm inside the electronics bay of the 737 right now. what you got? IHYD
  3. 'Merican here with a US flag embroidered on my rig. Flag police aint gonna touch you. just keep a light on it 24/7 b/c you cant take it down. IHYD
  4. sucks about the canopy but right now there is a high resale value on these suits. wont be hard to get rid of if you end up hating it. or you sip on the kool-aid and hang with the kool kids. IHYD
  5. I think Icarus canopies are engineered for softer openings with a longer snivel. Not 100% sure though. IHYD
  6. When thinking of big suits, perhaps. But when looking at smaller wingsuits, a collapsed pull position thats held for a few seconds will create a smooth airflow around the body as well. And the size of the wing on beginner/intermediate sized suits is not an issue when pulling in collapsed state. And compared to the results from potential asymmetry that people with lower experience can encounter when going for a full flight pull, its for sure a more efficient pull position (collapsed). On bigger suits, a full flight pull becomes an easier option (as usually, though not always, that upsizing comes together with more experience as well). But for anything small/intermediate, a normal collapse will guarantee better symmetry. As to flying past people when deploying, perhaps separating 500 ft earlier and making sure that deploying bodies aren't that close to one and another is a safer option as well. But thats being a bit more being a comedian than safety nazi Thanks for the perspective =D. I will still argue the issue of your arm wing getting in the way of a pull, even in a small suit. not nearly as drastic no, but even that little gripper on the phantom 2 can get in the way. as for your humor, I'm setting up a nice little fly by if you do that with me on the load :) IHYD
  7. Jbag

    Uh.... speechless

    $1M??? I have an idea and i only need $200 worth of booze! IHYD
  8. That's called "sinking out your deployments" and I did it for my first several hundred WS jumps and recommend it to anybody who wants more stability during opening. At some point I sort of subconsciously stopped doing it, plus it's harder on modern suits with more rigid legwings. How is THIS more stable? The horizontal flight of the wingsuit in its natural form with wings inflated and solid creates stability. It's designed to fly...you start "sinking out" and remove the air flow into your wings you now have slack and the wingsuit is no longer flying. on top of this you CHANGE your normal wingsuit pull b/c you have a higher chance of having wing in the way of your hackey. I would call this inefficiency and instability. Safety issues will occur in bigger ways as well...if 5 of us are flying together and you "sink out" your deployment, i am now flying through your deployment altitude and then pitching instead of flying past you as you deploy. IHYD
  9. please come back when you get your arm skin stuck in the zipper from trying to unzip quick. In any environment, having access to toggles and risers without needing to do any other action as a huge advantage. I do agree with pull high enough but if you have the choice...why not give yourself an advantage. if you do get a Phantom 3, do not train for "fast unzipping" unless you will find yourself in a world of hurt. IHYD
  10. I think he is trying to plant trees IHYD
  11. Jbag

    Astro toilet repair

    One of the things I never quite understood about the Star Trek series is how everybody in the Klingon Empire was supposed to be a warrior. Clearly they also had to have space janitors. If you ever serve in the US military, you know, you are a janitor first, warrior second. IHYD
  12. Jbag

    Astro toilet repair

    http://www.iflscience.com/space/live-international-space-station the french are fixing toilets in space while 'Mericans are doing the hard jobs IHYD
  13. Virgin burner doesnt get a say in this but... do you go back? IHYD
  14. Call me a Squirrel fan boy if you will but I have good reason to as do most that drink their Kool-Aid. I've been flying the Aura this season frequently and without noticing any issues. When I was at the DZ the other day there was a representative of Squirrel there squirreling around. We were on the same load and he immediately starts looking at the fit of my suit and deemed it to be too long. That weekend I got an email saying that they will make me a new suit to demo, keep whichever suit I like better, and to return the other one. The issue got brought up in another thread about manufacturers being perfect. They cant be perfect but they sure as hell can keep customers happy. IHYD
  15. I'm just going to say a bad exit by an experienced jumper looks completely different than going 90 left for some reason. Your defense lacks substance but contains plenty of comparison. We are evaluating YOUR video of YOU that you yourself put up asking for critique. Harden the fuck up, put your ego to the side, and go put on something smaller that doesnt have the capability of a huge impact for your next "bad exit." IHYD
  16. is that an exit point for ski BASE? IHYD
  17. I think its just the cigarettes that keep them sexy. IHYD
  18. try unzipping your arms mid-flight. IHYD
  19. 15/ 2/ 1 (dropzone kicked off of) IHYD
  20. thats it, thats all i need to justify a trip to Top Pot for donut lunch. IHYD
  21. as i understand it you dont want any air escaping the suit to keep. the more inflated the better. so yeah, it may be tight. IHYD
  22. 150 jumps on a phantom 2. wingsuits are not difficult to fly. the hardest part is to train yourself properly not to exit into the tail. just keep your head low. IHYD