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  1. Variance exactly because of density altitude And because I'm not perfect. For comps it's just easier not to sit and drag out a turn and still hit the gates. It give a little more play for gate placement for the gates. It may be wrong, I just find it easier to move around a bit if I'm not committed to a long turn because I have to drag it out. Edit In bold
  2. Like I said, the 450s are a novelty every once in a while. I have about 900 jumps on my katana and at least 800 have been doing 270s. 99% of swoops happen from between 680 and 720. Lower end for comps. About 50 of those are blindmen and now I'm learning ghost riders after seeing the video from last friday. Pulled 2 off saturday! I've been ready for something else. I do novelty swoops just to keep from getting too bored. I haven't done a 450 in a couple of months so yes I rushed my turn a bit in the beginning, then kicked the rest around once I realized what happened, slight dig out on rears and dragged a toe across the beer line. You're right though. I get marginal results doing a 450 than a 270. I get slight more but it's way harder to be efficient and hit gates at the same doing the 450. Not something I'd bring to any sunset comp. If I downsize then bigger turns won't even be on my mind. Not for a while anyways.
  3. Because if I aborted I would've been left at 300 feet looking like an idiot landing in the trailer park. The 360 from your set abort position left me at ground level skimming across the ground. Haha, I needed this! (The meme I mean. It didn't follow the reply)
  4. Well this is why I made the post. I realize it could be an issue and was looking for someone who has made/heard of this? I don't want to keep mistakes made secret even if they seem pathetic. We're all in this together and maybe someone else hasn't even considered this ever happening. I sure know I haven't. I agree with you totally on this. There's a turn for every height . Why do people change their turn for competition? Is it because they are now gate dependent? I have a few jumps on a velo 90. I remember starting between 750 and 800 for me personally. Man that thing was fast! I've had problems with my recovery arc being too short for a while. After a few hundred 270s working on technique I started training for gates. Lost efficiency, always in the corner, never missed gates but sacrificed a lot of distance. Took canopy course. Spent the last few months being a good boy, increasing my recovery length, not even looking at gates. Found my power and distance again. Trying to play good. I even plan to attend a comp in florida in april. I hear you learn a lot at those things. Bigger turns than 270 are just novelty for me that I'd never even bring to a swoop n chug.
  5. Ha, I've only said what I've done not what I do. I start my 270s about 720-740. I'd love to see you pull an efficient 270 from above 900 on my canopy and wingloading. My favorite past times are beating out crossbraced canopies because they skipped a lot of steps getting to 270s and their crossbraced canopies. I know which way to turn...usually. I've done a few here and there over the past year. Maybe I should've just kept it to my self.
  6. Do you need to update your profile? Yeah, with any turn you some give high or low with start iniation. I've done 90s from 250-500', 270s from 300 (never do that again) 450-800'. 450's I was starting around 800ish. I didn't realize I did it till I had already done a 270 without a great direction to go to abort. I started high, probably started a little fasted than should. I had a little extra altitude. I aborted the 450 and did a 630. Would every abort lead to a bigger turn? Absolutely not!. 99% of my aborts result in a completely different landing area than intended. Just didn't know if anybody else was as dyslexic as me?
  7. Technically, relative to my body position, the canopy was over my head the entire time... I wasn't asking swooping advice from 100 jump wonders or even swooping advice at all. I was more asking the canopy pilots here or at the very least people that do turns if they have had the same experiences.
  8. Ok, forget about the word swooping. Think landing pattern. You try to be as consistent as possible and fly your exact plan ideally. Realistically you are constantly evaluating and adjusting to land exactly where you want. Conditions are always changing. Yes it greatly increased the risk and I did what I had to do to walk away. I'm not one to ever hesitate when it comes to aborting a swoop. Learned that a while back. I'm not learning how to swoop I'm practicing a different turn. A canopy coach would've have had much help in this situation. Maybe a math tutor?
  9. Well I didn't realize till I had almost already done a 270 so at that point I was just kicking a 360 instead of a 180. A really really fast 360. Just didn't know if anyone else was as dyslexic as me.
  10. So I was trying to learn 450's today and accidentally turned right instead of left and had to turn it into a 630. Anyone ever have this issue?
  11. I love my sabres with wingsuits. I jump a 97 with my funk and haven't had a problem yet (knock on wood). You can also just add a small pocket on the front of the slider instead of replacing the slider or passing up a sabre you want because it's not domed. Any time I had one added it was like 30 bucks but I preferred the stock slider anyway. I've always had less hard openings the smaller I've went with sabres. The 120's shouldn't be a problem. I prefer faster openings on my wingsuit anyway.
  12. Lots and lots of scams here. Not to difficult to weed them out. Talk on the phone, find on facebook. Ask where they jump, get a reference. Most scammers have also recently joined and create profiles like hot cakes so you can look at that too. Also look up skydiving gear for sale and wanted on facebook too. The moderates there at least can look at anyone who joins and make sure they are at least a real person. Most of all. Be nice and make fair deals.
  13. I dump my katana in a full track everytime. Openings work fine for me. If the openings still give you trouble try pulling the silver handle first next time.
  14. I jump a ka107 between 1.5-1.7. I'm going to a ve90 when I can get around to it. Unless I win the lottery then I'm going vk. Personally though I try to jump as much as a variety of Canopies that I can. I say go velo but you may not like the openings on a velo. Try out some new stuff. It's fun.
  15. Every canopy I've ever flown I've had that problem and had to lengthen the lower brake lines 4-6 inches. And that includes about 5 different sabres