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  1. ridebmxbikes

    Buying from dz classifieds

    Lots and lots of scams here. Not to difficult to weed them out. Talk on the phone, find on facebook. Ask where they jump, get a reference. Most scammers have also recently joined and create profiles like hot cakes so you can look at that too. Also look up skydiving gear for sale and wanted on facebook too. The moderates there at least can look at anyone who joins and make sure they are at least a real person. Most of all. Be nice and make fair deals.
  2. ridebmxbikes

    Different forces on exit

    ever do a scr jump? half the people burble each other exiting so close. probably close to the something. all those bombs are so close to one another they are robbing each others air. you also have to consider that its a government plane. theres no chance in hell they designed a mass bomb dropping where every bomb drops exactly the same for the exit.
  3. ridebmxbikes

    Follow my gaze ..

    wow! awesome video man! thanks for sharing!
  4. ridebmxbikes

    Canopy control for AFF

    the main thing to do is take your experience you had and stick it in your tool box. do you remember how strong the winds were? they sound like they were at about your limit for the canopy you were flying. good job on not panicing and landing safely! the stronger the winds are the more upwind your holding area needs to be. when winds are at your limit, don't go past anything thats downwind of where you want to be. once again good job landing safely! that's rule number 1!
  5. ridebmxbikes

    Help with English translation

    Sounds good to me! Very smooth but formal.
  6. ridebmxbikes

    Jumping in Alabama/Florida

    Gold coast skydivers is only 2 hours away from mobile. Its has a small dz atmosphere with a big plane (twin otter). They are open all weekend long!
  7. ridebmxbikes

    Airgun helmet best place for GoPro?

    well you could put it on top next to the eos camera since you have all that room up there or you could stick it on the front with a front mount kit and just flip the picture upside down
  8. ridebmxbikes

    Video tandem requirements

    The dz i jump at requires a 500 jump minimum to chase a tandem and experience using a camera. When i started the s&ta had a talk with me about flying around tandems and hand signals, made me go with him for evaluation and i also talked to other vt's about the slot i needed to fly. After the s&ta thought i was safe and a conservative flyer around tandems they let me put my camera back on so i could get criticed. i never really concentrated on filming specifically doing rw but did fly a camera a lot. Flying a tandem video slot is a lot different than an rw slot. As long as you are use to flying a camera and know the dangers of them. A seminar wouldve been cool but how much would that cost a new perspective vt. Just make sure he qualifies, talk to him about tandem safety, have him talk to other vidiots, and just take it one step at a time.
  9. ridebmxbikes

    Getting started in CRW

    Ask them how you can get them to come to your dz. If you can get enough people together im sure you can make it happen. Money talks. Or you can try to talk to people and ask who is the right person to talk to. If you want to take a crew course then they must have some dogs there you can talk to.
  10. ridebmxbikes


    Shhh, stop giving the scammers tips!
  11. ridebmxbikes

    uspa tandem rating

    I would have to assume 3 years from the time your uspa membership started.
  12. ridebmxbikes

    3 way fun

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yDk7wzr908&feature=youtu.be Clicky
  13. ridebmxbikes

    FF/Swoop Pants

    Need something tough? Do you plan on pounding in more than usual this weekend? If so you may want to invest more in pads to protect yourself. But seriously, you shouldn't need anything more than what you are currently using assuming your profile is correct. If you're just worried about getting your pretty jumpsuit dirty you could always just get a cheap pair of jeans or grab a student suit from the rentals and use the money you saved to do extra hop n pops while you have a good coach
  14. ridebmxbikes

    Slider stowes on the risers

    I had that problem with a couple of smaller 100sf ish canopies. I think the slide was too small/ didn't have enough slack in the slider once everything opened up. If you put a stow on the risers it would probably still pop up in the center and aggravate you/cause a big blind spot. The only thing I could think of was to get a removable slider but I switched canopies before then and haven't had a problem since. Maybe someone else will have a better idea. Id also like to know for future references!
  15. ridebmxbikes

    DZ with contracts??

    like ever? sounds like he has beef with another near by dz?