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  1. That is f Ing funny comment ;)
  2. Never met a skydiver that doesn't have ego issues
  3. Your making some great points. Thanks
  4. Just trolling boys. I know some guys are doing the small crossbrace ws thing and I'd love to have there input. Is flying a tiny crossbrace canopy with a ws nuts maybe? Maybe for some that don't jump those type of canopies especially. I don't own or jump a valk and yes Kirk I started the season on a 107, not sure why that is interesting but maybe it is. I'm sure many skydivers think about it so why not share our thoughts. Crazy or not. So if anyone reading this flys this type of setup please come forward and own it. Must it be so taboo!
  5. I Love winsuiting but I have a hard time jumping out of a plane knowing I won't land a swoop on a kick ass canopy. Everyone raves about valkyrie openings so maybe it can be a decent wing suit canopy. I'm thinking Valkyrie 79 at 2.3 wing loading on a havok or hunter. People please share your opinions and experiences
  6. Not enough information... I'm planning on jumping my 107 since I feel I have more to learn on it. I was thinking that in next 100 jumps I would look at another canopy Total jumps? 750 Jumps on canopy? 170 and before 200 on a katana 120 Currency? 170 in last 12 months 2 Brian Germain canopy corses, flight 101 and 102 and a local canopy course in last 4 years Proficiency? I could say I hav a natural flying soul coming from other flying sports like pilot full scale ect . I'm not landing 270 on the gound I only practice them up high. I'm comfortable with front riser 90s and have been filmed doing them many times and it's looking good. "Safe" Aspirations? Maybe compete one day on a non serious level meaning I'm fine with last place :) What's the most important to me is going home at the end of the day and not the hospital or morg Depending on the answers to these and other questions, the best advice could vary widely - and might even include up-sizing.
  7. Brian Germain
  8. if you flew this canopy at similar wing loading and down sized after, what was your choice and experiences. Thanks
  9. I'm at 600 jumps on a katana 120 loaded at 1.6 and Im learning to swoop threw canopy courses like Bryan Germain online courses and flight 1. Having a coach on hand is the way to do it in my bs opinion.
  10. R u high? Lol I'm thinking something 2 colors or 3 max
  11. If you want it for next summer, I'd order now.... Really? Wtf!