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  1. dont worry...Jesus loves you, even with your sins
  2. My cats breath smells like cat food...
  3. I disagree, heres why if you are jumping a wingsuit, you should be able to land a parachute, and know what front risers do. when Im jumping my wingsuit, Im worried more about my openings. I think the style of flying has a lot to do with it, but Id rather reliably open at 2500 every time than have a zp canopy. but thats just me
  4. still cant believe we are arguing this
  5. haters gonna hate players gonna play I'll jump with anyone who wants to shread and not be a douche on the internet... As for the original post...tape around the zipper teeth might work near the top of the opening. I've personally never seen this problem, but some sized people have problems with this juncture due to how their harness fits...happens a lot on Havok's too. Be very dilligent every jump about everyone should be.
  6. you will not be disappointed with the Colugo 2, most fun I've had skydiving in years. Go to Kapowsin to enjoy it joke, best pilots in the world.
  7. Dude, you callin Luke fat? Your mean...
  8. Aces was super rad, the best pilot (in the whole fucking world) a wide margin. The suit design changes from that event were put into the C2 and A2 idea trees. I am finding the fastest suit possible may not be the best for precision flying...the aura (2) is still my choice for tight flying. Counterintuitive I knpw, but there are reasons. Slowly finding less and less people who wanna play im the trees, so in 10 years...this shit may not matter anyway.
  9. ScottyBob


    I have Its a lot better recovers from dives a lot more efficiently, maintains energy over a greater distance. Doesn't sacrifice anything from the original suit (the A1), which pretty much changed the sport of wing suit BASE jumping world wide.
  10. were too busy coming up with fucked up names for our own suits and canopies dude ;)
  11. dude, know we in America love 3 food, guns, and law-suiting the shit out of people. Murica'
  13. The car runs real good ..dont really know what do with my hands though...
  14. I tested your mom, Heath