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  1. https://www.pocsports.com/us/products/index-wind-breaker-archive/30250.html these are the best ive tried they are wind proof and have jumped them with -20 f at altitude and stayed warm BASE 1519
  2. There hasn't been any "interesting developments" in wingsuits in about a decade. In about 15 years, L/D increased only by 20% (from 2.5 of V-4 back in 2004 to 3.0 of mattresses; and it's been stuck at 3.0 flat for years now). The prevailing planform is pretty much the same T-design of about 10 years ago. L/D improved mostly due to trivially increased surface area. Dramatic improvement in flare is mostly an automatic consequence of this modest improvement in L/D (flare - effective conversion of kinetic energy into potential energy - is very sensitive to L/D increase). Increased internal pressure is nice for ease of flying, but has virtually no effect on aerodynamics, as long as it's enough to shape the wing (and it was enough 15 years ago in "soft" suits). The multi-million $$$ wingsuit industry is as stagnant as some swamp in Florida. The only thing that is skyrocketing is the marketing. Any new minuscule iteration is presented as a revolutionary breakthrough. "Buy buy buy... we want your $$$... $2K at a time." maybe true as far a glide but speed is getting faster and flare comes from energy build up. I loved my Aura 1, my freak 2 even more fun with its range and flare and now I have a C3 and for base jumps I can come out of the same line with way more speed range and flare it has made jumping for me safer. Every buy they have said to make for me was worth it. BASE 1519
  3. How is it better for safety if these smaller suits have harder pulls than "bigger" due to higher internal pressure? haven't flown current pf suits so I don't know how much pressure they have but I have a freak 2 and a calugo 3 and don't have a problem with the pull on either suit or any issue for that matter pull seems super easy BASE 1519
  4. I would bet getting the best glide does not mean how long you stay in the air BASE 1519
  5. yep I don't have a 7 cell, open corners or semi stowless and don't have any problems BASE 1519
  6. thanks I have a freak 3 and a c3 so Im good on suits at the moment have fun with the medium big suits for now... well I take that back the NPS has my freak at the moment so I ordered a c3 and hopefully getting my freak back someday but money is tied with the ticket and new suit. BASE 1519
  7. I sold my aura 1 six months ago for $300 BASE 1519
  8. yes but only base jumping when im where big puffy jackets but only after the first half I make the forearm portion as tight as I can so I can at least get half zipped to get to the toggles. BASE 1519
  9. how does an all zp 135 pack as small as a 120? BASE 1519
  10. I can fly with a tandem with my wing suit but not belly flying BASE 1519
  11. I have a piranha 1 and works just as good as a p3 so I assume they made the new suits even better BASE 1519
  12. why do you want 3 audibles? BASE 1519
  13. I was not ready at 106 either, and really expected to have to wait till 200. However, a ws guy checked me out in my tracking suit and said I could do it, and I'm glad I did. I was also glad I had paid for coaching to learn tracking more quickly. After my first 50 jumps, ws was my focus. It was not particularly easy for me, and my bucket of luck got lower for the first flights; I did have a cutaway on ws jump 5, so what can I say? I just can't say that things would have been any different with another 50 jumps. Yes, my first flights were not great, but they probably wouldn't have been anyway, and, in spite of some hilarious and horrible events, I did survive, and never got hurt either. I only started jumping to fly in a wingsuit, and only ever tried freeflying once, and didn't like it. Loved tracking, so I guess I did atmonati. To be honest, I don't like skydiving that much, and only ever did it to fly. After getting my first wingsuit I think I only ever did 1 or 2 jumps without one. This is not to argue with you, as I'd have to say you're right about everything, it's just that it is possible to not fit in the box, like me, and still have fun and not kill anybody. Peace My story is a little different as well. I got into skydiving after base jumping only to get better at tracking (yes I learned to track in base stupid me) and as it turns out to wingsuit eventually. I did about 25 skydives my first year and wasn't interested too much and 200 jumps seemed like forever. The guy that taught me said if you want to wing suit get one and you can jump it. So about 30 skydives and I got my wing suit and started jumping it. Ive got roughly 600 skydives maybe 50 without a wing suit so I'm far from a balanced skydiver Ive done one sit fly and flew head down a few times at the beginning of tracking jumps. Ive never had a potato chip problem and never had a cut away (knock on wood) or any flat spins. Skydiving has always been base and wing suit training for me. 1st suit intudair piranha 200ish jumps 2nd suit Aura 1 200ish jumps current suit Freak 2 150ish jumps BASE 1519
  14. Because all dzs are different at mine most people are on freaks, c race, or auras I see a lot of people upsize fast to be able to jump with everyone else BASE 1519