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  1. And yet you didn't take a large suit off a cliff at 2000 wingsuit jumps. Thats not what this discussion is about. Did you have numbers that you felt a bit more confident or felt like you were ready to start instructing? Making the decision to start WS BASE is very personal and perception based. there is no real number, only a perseons thoughts on when they feel like they are ready. IHYD
  2. WS skydiving the latest jumper that went in had 20-30 WS skydives on his suit and thought he was good enough to go to a low cliff and test his luck. IHYD
  3. I will start it off... I think 100 jumps is a good basis for when you are no longer thinking about what you are doing and finally just working on the fine adjustments. you have no problem exiting, you are no longer thinking about the exit. you are comfortable in the suit from exit to landing. you have already flown above the tail in an otter. do another 50-100 and you are getting experienced and really learning how to fly it, know where you will be, how to setup to get on someone in different flight modes. discuss. IHYD
  4. In spite of the recent death of a skydiver trying to ws base in the valley... How many jumps do you feel like you need to do on a given wingsuit before you feel comfortable/proficient/skilled/experienced on a given suit. When do you feel like you are "there?" IHYD
  5. that was probably my biggest whore tour. ive done some smaller euro whore trips and some local ones. I am still planning a big one around the time i turn 30ish +- 2yrs. Whores now have a logo though, not to worry. IHYD
  6. holy shit, what cameras were we using!!?!? EDIT: ive never seen that other angle. IHYD
  7. He's nothing but a sack of Jeew, fuck him. OH and he's Gay. I'm gonna be inside of you squeak! I cant believe you kept a log book that you can go back and look at, holy shit! mine is my ditter and i'll probably lose that at some point. 93 days muthafucker IHYD
  8. i thought you were going to say how to fly. IHYD
  9. or trees or lakes now. Thanks Lucky! i still have that video on my phone! not the same phone. If i remember right Gru, i cleaned Jenns visor quite nicely at that point. it was licked clean! IHYD
  10. You didn't include boobies as an answer in your poll, so I refuse to participate. tits = boobies. . boobies = tits. send me pictures of titties and boobies. sorry for the confusion =D EDIT: female titties and boobies only! IHYD
  11. If asking for my number make sure your tits are at least a nice full C at the smallest and no more than 120lbs. IHYD
  12. I am not questioning any decision on whether you chop a canopy or not, its up to you and you alone, and you should always be making that decision early, rather than late. Below 500 feet is not the time to get panicky about it. But really, you need to find out a bit more about how a canopy is built, and the strength that is built into it. A line that has survived the opening shock and subsequent ride for however long is not likely to suddently snap below 500 feet. Sure it has blown a hole, or maybe a whole panel, but it isn't made of tissue paper and string. A canopy is built with reinforcing tape and doubled seams, and the lines are strong nylon. Once open, the stress on it is constant, and it is unlikely to just unzip, as I've already stated. If you trust your rigger, talk to him about it over a beer.... Knowing how a canopy is built is something every skydiver should know. What do you do with your downtime at the DZ??. I fully understand the capability of how much abuse a canopy can take, ive also seen a canopy blow up on opening. my philosophy is "why take a chance?" "blown a hole, or maybe a whole panel, but it isn't made of tissue paper and string..." please enlighten me of what happens to the flight dynamics and how the canopy will flare and what dynamic forces will be placed upon the structure in the area of the hole and or blown panel. "A line that has survived the opening shock and subsequent ride for however long is not likely to suddently snap below 500 feet" i just want to point out the keyword of "not likely" here and point out that it is possible, correct? so now this isnt necessarily an issue of knowledge but more of an issue of comfort level and how conservative we are as individual skydivers. I take into the X factor in my decisions b/c i know i dont know everything. IHYD
  13. door number 3...the stress of the hole has no effect until you are under 500' and then you have no choice but to deal with this canopy that is tearing open on yourself. how do you know that there isnt more issues in the lines and maybe when you get lower a line breaks. I keep to the rule of if there is a rip in the top skin, i would chop that shit, something occured, whether its stress from opening or a knife dropped on the canpopy that caused it to rip...i trust my rigger, i dont trust whats going on behind the scenes. im getting rid of it. IHYD
  14. the same way you can learn to wingsuit from tracking, you will still gain the knowledge and awareness required to fly more fabric later. Not to say that when you get into your new suit later on that you would fly it perfect, it will take a little bit to become comfortable in it. IHYD
  15. its not a swoop, its making a turn and diving the suit to stay inside the valley. its just proximity flying. IHYD
  16. awesome, im glued to my tv set for the update! i shouldnt tell you this, but i get 20% of that price increase, your lawyer and me are in cahootz with each other. =D IHYD
  17. cool! i have wads of cash waiting to throw in your pockets :p IHYD
  18. Jbag

    Sabre 2

    my guess is C4 IHYD
  19. open up on chicks rock weekend, that would be hilarious :) IHYD
  20. its an hour from snore, 40min from downtown san diego IHYD
  21. hurry up grim! my $ is waiting for your pockets to open! IHYD
  22. i was even in a few of them, w00h00 :)....short stocky guys like me need bigger suits :P but i made my phantom 2 work....a lot! it started coming apart at the seems IHYD