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  1. have put about 30 jumps on mine now and cant love it more! when I first got it I was unsure about it because it had so much power and the whole premise of being a suit that can be used in big ways and teaching students but after playing aroud with it I can't be happier about this suit!!!! big enough to do xrw even as I did multiple xrw jumps when i first got it and also some 40ish ways and it kept up perfectly, recently also did some FFC's with it and it handled and kept up beautifully with a lead brick student. the backfly on it is VERY easy to transition in and does pretty well back flying. overall it is exactly what they say it is on the website, and it for sure is a baby freak!
  2. just looking on USPA and FAI websites and noticed no one is hosting a nationals this year i can see for wingsuit performance flight but there is the FAI world meet, was wondering why the nationals was taken out or if im just not looking in the right area as i thought i remember seeing something about it being in august. anyone have any more info on this?
  3. looking at getting the freak but wanted to know if anyone has flown these with smaller to mid size suits and how easy it is to keep up with them? I want the freak for the xrw but want to be able to have a suit that can do normal flocks and keep with students fairly easy
  4. i am moving out to vilseck germany next year and was wondering what the closest fun jumper dropzone nearby would be, and what kind of jumping they do mainly?
  5. anyone have any info on PD's new canopy design that is supposed to be made for wingsuits? curious about it bu they never give out information easily
  6. just wondering if this is possible at all?
  7. the basics are flocking(formation flight), acro(backfly and other freefly like stuff in a WS), preformance flight ( going for max speed, time or distance), and then you have artistic and 4 way sequentials competition( formations with points and more freefly style flying)
  8. the jedei models seem to have dominated the top of the scoreboards, fairly impressive.never flown this thing but definitely want to try it out now!
  9. im interested to see some more data come out about the C2 myself, especially after seeing the latest PPC results and how fast suits like the jedei were completely dominating in the speed category, the c2 i think maxed out at around 200 while jedei and scorp getting 260 plus
  10. anyone else from georgia going down for this? was thinking of starting a carpool deal if i can to save some extra money
  11. i have to agree stalthy! i have met alot of these jumpers myself who by jump 75 are strapping on auras and apache rebels, some people just think they are cooler by flyng super suits early when they dont really even know how to fly theit body right,i myself am fairly new to the wingsuit world and i flew my swift for well over 100 jumps before i thought myself capable enough to get the funk,, after getting that i can easily say i have no need for anything bigger for awhile! but nothing can annoy me more then seeing these people who have less then 100 WS jumps or jump a wingsit maybe a few times a year with barely over 100 and jumping these supersized suits
  12. So excited for this event!! cant wait to have fun again in the awesome florida skies and finally get to be apart of flock n dock!
  13. i agree as well, i as well own both and used the swift for about 100 or so jumps then i bought my funk, the transition at that point was not hard at all and i can tell ill have this suit for awhile because the amount of stuff it can do is simply amazing, its definitely a suit that will grow with your skill and be something you keep for awhile, while my swift is now only used as a borrow suit for newer jumpers
  14. i talked with squirrel about this canopy and how its coming along last month and they told me they are working very hard on it right now, and things are going great and hopefully they could get it released in august, so they may throw a surprise and release it in the next few days but they could not tell me any more besides all of that, so hopefully in next month or so it will be released
  15. Being able to do exits like this is the primary fun of a c-130 sized aircraft.but that's about it haha