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  1. check out Skydive Taft in Southern California. Lelo the DZO usually puts something together a couple times a summer.
  2. Rode motorcycles for 10 yrs. Wanted to get into something safer.
  3. Welcome to the forums! Good luck on your aff and keep us posted.
  4. Love Skydive San Diego! I got to jump there for my first time on Labor Day weekend. Hit Tsunami in Ocean Side as well. I'm envious, you have quite a few play grounds out there. Welcome to the sport and don't fret the HnP. It's easy and you'll start to like them after the first one.
  5. Welcome to the forums. Lodi is my home DZ pm me if you have any questions about the place if you don't end up getting a hold of the other fella. Blue Skies
  6. Is this something that will be going on next year? Short on funds for this year and don't have a passport yet.
  7. Some pretty good advice on here. The only thing I can say is that being new to the sport can be rough. But like anywhere in life, new school, new job. Your new and don't know much. But as time goes on you'll eventually make new friends and get to know people. Just be yourself, don't try to be someone your not. Keep showing up and jump. And when all else fails, bring a cooler full of beer at the end of the day. Beer goes a long way in this sport.
  8. Welcome, good luck with your training and your jumps.
  9. As in any sport you get out of it what you put into it. Solo's suck, but you only get a minute at a time to learn unlike other sport's. Nobody I know has done 20 jumps and then becomes part of the red bull air force. Find another DZ and maybe hit some tunnel if you can to fine tune those "advanced" maneuvers. GOOD LUCK!!
  10. if your there on labor day weekend. They usually have the surf's up boogie, helicopter jumps etc.
  11. Welcome, good luck on your training.
  12. Quick question about the kiss helmet. I was wondering if anyone had a way to mount the their go pro on the Kiss helmet so that you may still lift the face shield up. Any ideas, pictures, or links to any other alternatives would be appreciated. Thanks for your time everyone.
  13. Welcome back to the sport, and good luck on your a.f.f.
  14. Welcome, to the forums and the sport. Don't forget to buy beer!
  15. Southern California you have Perris and Elsinore which is an hour away from Los Angeles, Then Skydive San Diego and Tsunami Skydivers in Oceanside in the San Diego area. If your looking to head to Nor Cal You have Lodi, Byron, and Davis. I would definitely say Lodi and Davis. You can stay in the Sacramento area where both drop zone's are within 30 to 45 min access. You then have options for San Francisco which is an hour and a half drive from Sacramento and you also have Lake Tahoe (Nevada so Casinos and all night drinking are right at your finger tips let alone gambling a few nice clubs. Hell even skiing for a day if your looking to fit in quite extreme options for a trip) Lodi is my home DZ I jump once a week. The weather there has been nice lately some fog in the mornings so the loads aren't going up as early as they would in the summer. Lodi has 3 twin otters and a Black Hawk Caravan. Bill uses the Caravan on the weekdays to keep loads turning faster. But then again you can't beat a 15.00 jump ticket to altitude and a 5.00 hop and pop ticket at 3200 ft. Lately 2 planes have been going up on Saturday's and Sundays. And Lodi has been busy with average 70 degree days. If you end up going to the area in box me I know the bay area, sac and tahoe as well I can tell you quite a few places to go to party so you don't end up some place lame. Hope this helps a little. Have fun and fly safe.