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  1. The ATC is a mini rocket ship that can be tamed and is super fun on its back. I have about 20 jumps on one. I have flown Squirrel's hatch, swift 1 and 2, funk 1 and 2, Freak 1 and 2, Aura 1, and 2, but not a 3 yet, C2, CRace and CRace+, and most recently the ATC. I have also flown Redline, Tony, and Phoenix Fly. I will keep the post as to the ATC as that is what the original post was about. The ATC preforms and flies much better then both my Funks. It can hang with the big boys and backflying and transitions are a breeeze. I would high recomond that someone considering one puts their time in a swift and funk before stepping up. It flies more like my FREAKs and I really like that yet I can shut it down and hang with intro students as well as smaller groups. Backflying still forces you to fly in the proper orientation unlike the funk 1 that you could get away with bad habits this suit has more range but I found it easy to transition and feels more nimble then my freak.
  2. If you can learn to fly a wingsuit properly with good openings then the Zulu is a really fun canopy to have. I have owned 3 of them. Currently own two sized a 132 and a 152. Wingsuit both of them. Got my first Zulu with about 450 jumps. I have jumped other planforms by Aerodyne, PD, Icarcus, and squirrel. I wouldn't recommend a highly loaded one but it can be done safely and have lots of fun flying your canopy after a wingsuit flight. I think there is a difference between someone on their intro flights and learning to fly and then those with a couple hundred wingsuit jumps vs those with 500+ wingsuit jumps and those with 1000+. Bigger suits can more flare power and can be controlled but they can also cause disaster and line twists. That beings said some of my best flights and demos have been on a Zulu. Had some crazy cloud lines in a wingsuit followed by fun with riser turns under canopy to a decent swoop. Would I blanket statement and say they are good for everyone no probably not but for the right jumper they can be safe and really fun to fly with a wingsuit.
  3. you can also hit the balloon at Perris. San Diego. There are some amazing hikes in that area too. Go down to San Diego and can sail or swim. Oceanside is a B License for fun jumpers but worth it some killer views!
  4. I shoot with a Nikon D7000, Nikon D810, and Nikon D4 depending on what I am shooting. I love my wide angle lens 10-24 for the D7000 and my 12-24mm for my full frames. I also own primes. What will you be shooting? I own the Tonfly 3x and the Tonfly CC2.
  5. Deland is open 7 days a week and has been flying the Skyvan and Twin Otters. Zhills is also a great spot just a bit further drive from Orlando. Also Deland offers the ability to do factory tours and meet many industry professionals, coaches etc. Pretty cool to see where your equipment is made and the people involved in that process if you ask me.
  6. Looks like more companies are going after the GoPro/ Action camera market. Will be interested in how these mount and what their footage looks like. I have used Nikon and Nikor glass at levels of photo and video. Thought I would share. Cheers
  7. I use a D7000 which is in the same family. Sonic at the Ranch Pro Shop makes switches for Nikon bodies.
  8. This was the initial jump made in Bill's honor the weekend he passed away. Plans are made for an ash jump at Sebastian. Great man big smile and an even larger heart. [/url][url]
  9. I added a few more days to my trip. I leave Thursday morning and return Monday. I am trying to hit 3 possibly 4 dz's now: 1. Skydive San Diego 2. Tsunami Skydivers 3. Skydive Elsinore ----------------------------- 4. Skydive Perris if I have enough time as its farther away from where I am staying. Send me a PM if you want to meet up and jump
  10. I love my Alti-2 N3. I have owned an Analog Galaxy and a VisoII digital. I know own 2 n3's one in my helmet and one on my arm in the elastic wrist band mount. I love it because their products are much easier to read and use. L&B makes good stuff but the user interface is hard to understand! Alti-2 stuff is made in America, the log book can store 2500+ logs and can program 8 alarms 4 freefall and 4 canopy. I use it for Wingsuiting, FreeFly, belly, Coaching, AFF, Camera, canopy piloting and all around fun. Try them both man before you buy and I think you will Love Alti-2's user interface and ease of use to access logs! Just my 2 cents.
  11. I am planning to hit Tsunami on the weekend and Skydive San Diego on the Monday before I fly out. Thanks for the input. Do any of you jump there?
  12. What is the range of the Foghead? Is it closer to a Funk or a Colugo 2? I have flown Hatch, Swift, Funk, I-bird, T-bird, R-bird. I want something bigger and faster that can be used on its back and might have the possibility to hang with the big boys. Too bad you can't rent one first so I could compare myself.
  13. The skydiving community in itself is small, in the little area of Western New York, where Darrin and I started it's even smaller. People who come and jump once don't realize the time involved in obtaining a license, the amount of weekends and time spent with people at the dz, the sun up to sundown days , the after jumping beer and conversations that go on for hours. During that time you not only become friends with people but they also become your second family. So when you lose part of that family it hurts all around. The community as a whole lost an incredible individual Saturday night June 27th in a tragic accident. We will all miss the bright green helmet and the smile that was always under it. Blue skies brother! You are already missed. Fly free in heaven and don't forget to rock those knee high socks like a boss ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The preliminary and secondary callings as well as the funeral ceremony will be hosted at the Amigone Funeral Home which is located at 7540 Clinton St, Elma NY 14059. The preliminary calling will be held on July 2nd from 2-4PM and the second calling will be held from 7-9PM. The funeral service and mass will also be held at the Amigone funeral home at 10AM on July 3rd. Darrin will be laid to rest at Saint Adalbert's Cemetery on Broadway.
  14. I will be visiting in September for a friends wedding and would love to bring my rig and wingsuit with me. I did some research and saw that I can pick between either 1.) Skydive San Diego 3 Twin Otters and a Caravan 2.) Tsunami Skydivers at OceanSide. 1 Pac 750. Does one have better views or vibe over the other? Skydive San Diego looks bigger and has more planes so I am leaning that way. Anything else worth seeing while on my trip?
  15. Bill it was a great celebration. Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy and I am sending Quin more in email. Curt