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  1. I would not draw conclusions from one jump. I always used to have issues on commercial flights, but I no longer experience the problem while skydiving. The more you jump, typically the easier it gets. Wearing ear plugs may help slow down the equalization. Also, try to keep your mouth open initially during free fall. It may help with the equalization, even if it looks somewhat dumb.
  2. I have a PD Storm. I recommend it if you are looking for a skydiving canopy. Get it properly sized. You can pro-pack it, it is forgiving to packing mistakes, and it will give you a smooth opening every time. It is a 7-cell canopy with a steep glide rate, very similar to the characteristics of a BASE canopy. If you decide to do BASE at a later time, I expect that you would be able to transition from the Storm to a BASE rig with no issues. I am unexperienced (32 jumps), and have not flown a wing suit yet. But I can compare the Storm to the Spectre and the Sabre2 from a skydiving perspective - with 1.1 loading. I have jumped both before I bought my canopy. If you plan to load the canopies more heavily, your results may vary. Getting a BASE canopy with a mild loading would not be optimal for skydiving. It would give you a slower, less maneuverable, more boring ride. I think that trade-off is only worthwhile if you primarily do BASE, and skydive mostly to just stay current. BASE canopies also open a lot harder. It would be quite a change from a Spectre. Compared to the Spectre, the Storm is a challenge. It is a lot more responsive, so the canopy ride is more enjoyable. The glide is significantly faster, and noticeably steeper. The canopy is very responsive, all the way to the ground. The Spectre has a weak flare that is hard to screw up. In comparison, the Storm has a stronger flare, and you do need to get it right to get a clean landing. The ground comes at you real quick due to the steep glide rate. However, as soon as you perform a half flare, the glide will predictably flatten out. If you flare unevenly, or get cross winds, it WILL tip to the side, so you need to pay attention. If you get a minimal flare PLF landing on the Spectre, you will likely walk away. On the Storm, you will likely get banged up pretty bad. You can definitely perform a PLF landing at half flare, however. In short, if you like the Spectre, but find it a bit slow and boring, the Storm will definitely spice up your canopy ride. The Sabre2 feels more similar to the Storm than the Spectre. The speed is similar (maybe Sabre2 is a little faster), but the Sabre2 has a much flatter glide rate. You can definitely fly further with the Sabre2. The Storm seemed almost as responsive to me as the Sabre2. At higher loading, the difference may be more pronounced. They both react very quickly to input. The flare on the Sabre2 is even stronger than the Storm, you can easily gain altitude if you flare hard. The stall on the Sabre2 is worse, however. The big downside of the Sabre2 is the opening. The Sabre2 opens harder, and I got end cell closures on it more often than not. If you jump in any kind of wind, you might need to pump the brakes just to get the canopy properly inflated. The Storm will give you more predictable openings and a bit more time to transition. For this reason, I would much prefer the Storm for wing suit flying compared to the Sabre2.
  3. If the container is a good fit, then it is not a factor. Tighten your leg straps and they should not reach the critical parts :-)
  4. You are missing out big time. Swimming with the fishes and/or turtles in the ocean is like entering a completely different world... Better yet, you can swim for a long time, and it doesn't cost any money! There's also surfing, jet skis, sailboats...
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  6. You've already done bungy jumping and tandem skydiving. You already know how it feels like to overcome your fear. Visualize yourself floating on water as you exit the airplane. The feeling you get is similar to that. The hard part is stepping off the airplane and to remain in control. However, anyone can do it if they set their mind to it... Skydiving is not a sport that you can do halfway. Decide whether you want to do it or not, then follow through.
  7. Hi everyone, I am a new skydiver in the Bay Area. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have joined the forum the learn and become a better and safer skydiver. I have just completed my AFF this weekend with Skydive Hollister. I am very motivated to keep working on obtaining my A license! Here is my graduation jump: Blue skies!